Ground Yourself For Improved Health & A Balanced Mind

feetearthWhat does it even mean to be grounded? According to MindBodyGreen, when you’re grounded “you’re present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what’s going on around you”. We’ve written a few blogs about how to be grounded (How to Change Your Life), but we want to share and remind you of this simple practice. Being grounded can help you get through the stresses of life without losing your mind or health, especially during the holiday season!

Here are some tips inspired by personal experience and MDJunction to help you stayed grounded, so you can stay clear, focused, and calm as you go through your life:


  1. Be kind to your feet! Rub your feet, get a foot massage, put your focus on how your feet feel, even just wriggling your toes will give you more ground support and grounding! Your feet have thousands of nerve endings that supply feedback to the central nervous system, which make it possible for you to walk properly. If you’re walking better, feel balanced, with overall better posture, you’re going to feel more relaxed and in your body. It all starts by paying attention to your feet and working out any kinks so you feel more firmly planted on the earth.
  2. Turn OFF Your Phone! Take a break from technology. Pick a time to check email, etc., and stick to it. If you feel tempted to look at your phone while driving, put it in your bag, turn it off, or turn off your notifications if you are using your GPS. If you have a co-pilot, ask them to help you navigate.
  3. Take a Deep Breath! Connecting to and slowing down the rhythm of your breath is a quick way to ground you in the present moment. Feel your breath come into to your body, expanding your lungs, then releasing any stress or tension on your exhale. My personal mantra when stuck in traffic is the word “Release”, saying “Release” in my mind on my exhale so I remember to breathe and let go of any stress before it turns into muscle tension. I learned that from a short meditation video by Brendon Burchard, motivation coach and author.
  4. Set a grounding affirmation. Using the power of affirmations can help you develop a more positive outlook on life and get you out of your head. Some suggestions for grounding affirmations are: “I am supported“, “The earth nourishes and provides for my needs”, “I am safe and loved”, “I trust my body”, “I am grounded”.
  5. Move your body. Whole Body Vibration, walking, dancing, yoga, tai chi, and swimming all can energize and strengthen your feet and legs to help you feel more connected to the earth.
  6. Get Dirty. Walking barefoot in the grass, dirt, etc, not only grounds you, but has been proven to lower inflammation, improve sleep, lower stress hormone, balance good hormones and more. Even working in the garden, repotting your plants, and getting your hands dirty and just being outside will also offer the same benefits. More on grounding or earthing HERE.
  7. Pause. Take a moment out of your busy day to breathe and pause. Hold a stretch or yoga pose for longer than usual. Mountain pose is very grounding when done with intention. Pay attention to your feet and press them evenly into the earth, actively engaging the muscles in the feet.

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