COVID 19 Safety Protocols

COVID 19 Office Rules
  1. Everyone is required to be masked. If you come into the clinic, please wear a mask.
  2. All providers and staff are fully vaccinated.
  3. All providers, staff, and patients must wash their hands upon entering the clinic.
  4. We are mandating a “parking lot waiting room.” Clients are asked to wait in their cars until a practitioner comes to get them for their appointment.
  5. We are required to take the temperature of every person entering the clinic. Front desk personnel or a chiropractor will take that temperature BEFORE you are seen.
  6. All clients will be required to wash their hands upon entry.
  7. Every client must fill out the Covid 19 questionnaire (4 non-invasive questions) BEFORE they can be seen. If the answer to any question is “Yes,” I will be unable to see you that day.
  8. Please bring only essential items into the office/room and place them ONLY in the designated area for them. Please leave any unnecessary items (coats, accessories, and other non-essential items in your car).    


*If you are showing ANY signs or symptoms of fever, flu, cough, breathing difficulty, or anything that might relate to the COVID 19 virus, we ask that you NOT come into the clinic for the safety of ALL our clients and clinic staff.