Good Vibes: Client Success Stories

Four years ago, when we started with just a single machine in a one-room massage practice, we never dreamed that whole body vibration (WBV) would become the cornerstone of our work and lead us to open the BQ Studio.

As we introduced more and more of our clients with rehabilitative needs, chronic injuries, or disease to whole body vibration technology, we found that (when used in conjunction with our customized approach to bodywork), WBV was helping our clients move more rapidly to a state of relief, greater freedom of mobility, and improved health.

Today, as Portland’s only full-service WBV studio we watch change our clients’ lives daily. From the clients who were leading largely sedentary lives and are now springing back into bodies in motion, to the clients whose chronic pain or injuries kept them from working out but are now finding relief and a way back into regular exercise, to those just looking to fast-track their weight loss, toning, or increase their stamina, one thing’s for sure — BodyQuirks + WBV works.

It’s what we call the Total Body Solution and our clients all agree — the results are life-changing.

 What our clients are saying:


“My neurosurgeon and physicians have said I’m not doing any damage to my back by using Whole Body Vibration. My stenosis has not changed, but my calcium deposits and bone spurs are getting smaller. The machines seem to be helping circulate blood around areas where I’ve had arthritis, so I now have less pain and inflammation. My muscle mass has increased considerably- my quads are an 1 ¼” are larger than they were, biceps are an 1” larger than they were 1 year ago. My wrinkles and lines in my face are decreasing too. My balance is better than it used to be. My pain threshold from my scoliosis, bulging discs, and stenosis used to be a 4-6 every day when I was living in high altitude, now my pain is at a 1.”

-Maynard Wilson

I came to BodyQuirks because of chronic pain and joint instability. After 3 weeks of using Whole Body Vibration, I noticed a more defined waist, better muscle tone in my lower legs and thighs, and improved control of pelvic floor muscles. WBV is currently proving more effective for me in maintaining structural integrity than any other form of exercise in my wellness routine. I leave BodyQuirks feeling uplifted and inspired – as if Esther and Tara provide a special “mood elevating” tonic with their wellness approach and cutting-edge services.

-Suzanne B

“As a 43 year old person that’s been active my entire life, my old injuries started to catch up with me and I found myself less able to do the things I loved like skateboarding and riding motorcycles. After 2 knee surgeries, and getting physical therapy, I plateaued. I couldn’t get past a certain point with physical therapy and then would re-injure myself from working out too hard. I couldn’t get my quads strong enough to pull my patella into place with the exercises I was doing and now since coming here, that’s all subsided. After 2 months of coming every day, my knees now feel stronger than ever and I’m able to engage my quads again. My entire body is stronger and my back pain has disappeared. I come 3-4 times a week, to improve my mood, to feel better. I’m able to be active again and I’m feeling better than ever and have more energy.”

-Sean Cuffe

“I noticed an improvement in the alignment of my hips and that the chronic tension there was gone after my first time using Whole Body Vibration machines at BodyQuirks.”

-Julie M

“I had read about Whole Body Vibration’s benefits on the Dr. Mercola website. As a business owner and single mom, I needed a quick workout- this was it! I felt changes within a week, with better posture, my leg and gluteal muscles noticeably stronger and my belly and waist slimmer. After a few months of coming, I now feel like my mood is more balanced, I’m less “on edge” in stressful situations and my balance is 50% improved according to my Wii!  My left hip pain resolved and my ankle swelling has decreased.”

-Lisa H

In the first few weeks I’ve lost 4 lbs, my energy has increased, I have more stamina, and I sleep better and longer. My seasonal allergies have been terrible for years and I’m no longer experiencing seasonal allergies. My carpal tunnel pain is almost completely gone.”

-Veverly C

“I have been seeing Tara and Esther for massage for years. Once I tried their Whole Body Vibration machines, I lost 2” in my waist after 2 weeks. My whole body feels firmer, losing inches all over, with more energy, better sleep, and the ability to hike further than I ever have, so I definitely have more stamina. I feel like I’ve been able to reclaim my vigor and strength after hip replacement surgery that left me in pain and immobilized for years.”

-Meara McLaughlin

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