What our clients are saying:

“Bodyquirks is a positive and welcoming place and I can’t recommend it enough. Tara and Esther are offering better health options and support their clients in many ways.”


“I highly recommend a massage from Tara. She is more than a masseuse as she also creates a vibe that promotes healing in a metaphysical way. If you like to work on the mind as well as the body, Tara is the best.”

—Julie F.

“Love this place! I tore a meniscus in my knee and stumbled across Body quirks trying to find pain relief. They showed me their PEMF mat and I basically threw my money at them. It has a calming wonderful vibe and exemplary customer service. Thanks for the pain relief!”

—Amanda D.

“It feels AMAZING!!  . . . it’s 3-D holistic body care. And it doesn’t stop there: Esther and Tara, founding partners and co-owners of BodyQuirks, are both licensed massage therapists . . . their attention to each client shines through.”

— Kristi L.

“Portland is most fortunate to have these two forward-thinking women know what would make a difference and then provide it.”

—Nancy A.

“Esther and Tara, are down-to-earth, friendly and knowledgeable. I have more energy and better posture . . . the best part is that I feel like I am coming to see friends. I look forward to going to BodyQuirks.”

—Vanette F.

“I am the luckiest guy to have found Tara, Esther, and Bodyquirks.  The healing I have experienced here is phenomenal.  I am a former massage therapist of 20 years, so I know quality.” 

—Randall A.

“If you are looking for healing, if you are looking for community, if you are looking for joy and laughter – get yourself to BodyQuirks!  I have been a client of Tara’s for almost 10 years now, and I can attest to the holistic healing I have received.  I have changed tremendously in that time, and feel healthier – both physically and mentally.  There is no doubt in my mind that BodyQuirks has helped me achieve that – Tara and Esther are incredible healers.  Everyone is welcome, everyone is loved!”

—Michelle N.

“Tara is one of the most gifted massage therapists I have ever been to.  In three sessions, her technique has relieved a post-concussive headache that I have been dealing with for three months.”

—Diane B.

“Awesome women dedicated to helping you optimize your health through massage, Whole Body Vibration, infrared sauna, etc.  So great for stability, strength, balance, hormones, bone density …Why didn’t I find this place sooner?!”

—BJ N.

“The staff is so friendly. But the BEST part of this location is the massage you will get from Tara. I have seen her for over a year now and her technique is totally unique and nothing like I have ever received. She understand pain from personal experience and she will truly work on you with expertise and compassion. (*I know Esther’s clients say she is amazing as well as I have overheard.) You won’t be disappointed!”

—Cyndi B.

“We have years of experience with this business.  The people are friendly and knowledgeable, and the techniques are effective. Best of its kind.”

—Deidre S.

An amazing studio that fuses experienced/skillful massage therapy with new technological advancements that make you feel amazing. Tara alleviated my painful frozen shoulders with her intuitive massage combined with brief WBV sessions to prep my muscles. Tara has a way of getting down into your body issues with ease and sending you along feeling better than ever.”

—Mary L.

“Esther and Tara are excellent massage therapists with many years of experience.  Visit their site and see all of the services they provide, you can learn about the benefits of whole body vibration.  I believe in it enough that I got my own machine.  Give them a try.”

—Genny B.

“This is a fabulous studio – very welcoming to everyone. I’ve received many massages from Esther and she helped me through a difficult time that was showing up in my body. Very healing and soothing.  I highly recommend.”

—Susan S.

“Tara & Esther are great massage therapists. I have gone to many. Esther is the first Cranio-Sacral therapist I’ve gone to that really understands the technique.”

—Melody I. 

“Great way to start healing your body with no impact! Esther & Tara are knowledgeable, kind, and helpful in working with body issues. Go at your pace. Did I mention they’re fantastic licensed massage therapists, too?”

—Beckie C.

“Tara and Esther provide an amazing healing environment for all who enter.  Prepare to feel strengthened, relaxed, rejuvenated, and healed a little more each time.  I came at the recommendation of a friend who uses it as physical therapy for an injured knee.  I feel stronger and better . . .”

—Catherine S.

“Esther and Tara understand customer service.  They are knowledgeable and so welcoming.  They have created an environment that attracts a great community of clients.”

—Gayle P.

“The REAL reason people come here is for Esther and Tara. They are so beautifully helpful, friendly, and warm and they work really hard to make each experience a good one. I’ve been a massage and energy work client of theirs for years and it is consistently one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.”

—Ness N.

“I’ve been getting regular massages from Tara, and occasionally Esther, for at least the last two years. The depth of Tara’s knowledge and skill is reflected in her ability to use different modalities to bring about deep relaxation and release to support healing and change. Parts of my body that are tense or chronically tight, release under her skillful, wonderful work.”

—Debra F.

“Very welcoming to everyone, a loving and beautiful place to heal and restore. I received bodywork from Esther and she helped me through a difficult time that was showing up in my body. 

—Shantara G.

“I LOVE BODYQUIRKS! The massages are the best I’ve ever had. WBV adds to stability with Parkinson’s and general health. Thank you BodyQuirks!”

—Laurel S.

“Esther and Tara are warm, welcoming, and very knowledgeable. This is truly is a wellness center . . .  a full-body experience that feels like a retreat. I just love this place!”

—Alison S.

“I have been seeing Tara and Esther for massage for years. I feel like I’ve been able to reclaim my vigor and strength after hip replacement surgery that left me in pain and immobilized for years.”

-Meara M.

“BodyQuirks is the most amazing whole body healing and whole-body health place there is in the Pacific Northwest and I’m so grateful for it each and every time I go. This place has truly saved me!”

—Tracy G.

“Without good health, any other achievements are worth little. If you concur, you owe it to yourself to check this place out!”

—Svatopluk P.

“I now have less pain and inflammation. My balance is better than it used to be. My pain threshold from my scoliosis, bulging discs, and stenosis used to be a 4-6 every day when I was living at high altitude, now my pain is at a 1.”

-Maynard W.

“After 2 months of coming every day, my knees now feel stronger than ever and I’m able to engage my quads again. My entire body is stronger and my back pain has disappeared. I come 3-4 times a week, to improve my mood, to feel better. I’m able to be active again and I’m feeling better than ever and have more energy.”

-Sean C.