Healthy Aging With PEMF

imrs-pemf-300x161We’ve noticed our clients have been dealing with excessive stress as we venture closer to the holiday season and after the election. We don’t blame you! What better way to cope than to take care of your body and restore your nervous system! Recently we found a fascinating article on how PEMF can reduce the rate of aging and repair cells at Dr.  In addition to slowing the aging process, it’s a gentle tool to relax your body/mind and improve sleep.

As we’ve written about face oils to rescue your skin barrier in previous blogs and explained in this article but we must remember that we are only as healthy as our cells and all disease starts at the level of the cells first. If we’re able to keep our cells healthy, we slow down the aging process. PEMF is one of the best anti-aging therapies on the planet, according to the Southwest Florida Natural Health Center. For any anti-aging therapy to be effective, it needs to decrease inflammation in your blood vessels so nutrients are able to get into the system. PEMF therapy is both a safe and effective means of decreasing inflammation and addressing your problem at the cellular level. Even if you are eating all the right foods, making or taking all the right hormones and vitamins, you may not be able to get them into the cell if you’re inflamed. When you have inflammation, the pathway to your cells can get backed up, slow down or even come to a stop.

Aging occurs when the cells become injured and cannot repair themselves. This happens when cells are not able to get the nutrients they need, can no longer adapt to stress, have unrecoverable exposure to damaging agents (pollution, toxins, radiation) or because of possible genetic factors.

Promoting longevity requires intervention of what is injuring the cells. One way aging can be slowed or reversed is by ongoing health maintenance, including proactive use of low intensity, low frequency PEMFs.

PEMFs improve the rate of aging by reducing and/or reversing various degrees of cell injury. These frequencies are known to pass uninhibited through the body, while charging cells and tissues, affecting biochemical and physiologic processes in the direction of reducing cell injury, and therefore aging.

PEMFs improve biochemical activity at the cellular level and allow nutrients and other life extending chemistry in the body to migrate more freely to be more functionally useful.

PEMF frequencies additionally work to:

  • reduce edema,
  • improve circulation,
  • open cell membrane channels,
  • increase production of ATP,
  • stimulate repair mechanisms, and
  • enhance apoptosis of chronic inflammatory cells.

Only cells that are out of balance are affected by PEMF energy.

There is no other technology that I’m aware of that can with a single modality have both the range and depth of action that clinically directed PMFs can have, with no harm to healthy cells.

Everybody has millions of cells in the process of cell injury on a daily basis. Unresolved cell injury, leads to cell death and contributes to and accelerates human aging. Pulsed electromagnetic fields, or PEMFs, operate at the individual cell level, in every organ of the body, to help reverse cell injury, especially when used early in the injury process. To prevent and reverse cell injury at the earliest stages, requires daily use of PEMF’s throughout adult life. Waiting for cell injury to get to the point of obvious disease or negative health conditions, allows aging to progress unnoticed, not to mention having all the consequences of disease.

We offer a free demo session of PEMF, as well as monthly discounted packages. Inquire or book your first PEMF session today!

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