Winter Wellness and Flu Remedies

natural food remediesWinter brings with it significant changes in the weather, sometimes shifting by the hour here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to boost your immune system to avoid getting sick, right?

Well, sometimes.

We realize this is easier said than done. In fact, so far we haven’t done such a good job of that this year. The stress (however the good kind of stress that it is) of opening our own brand new location and working six days a week to realize our dream, hasn’t given us much time for self-care and adequate rest.

Which is why, it took us so long to recover from a bad flu bug that’s been going around. Fortunately, our recent illness has encouraged us to look for ways in which we can make our own remedies to fully restore our health and shore-up our immune systems. We prefer the kinds that don’t have additives, stabilizers or petroleum in them. After a bit of research and some tinkering with the recipes, we’re ready to pass along what we’ve learned in the hope that you can avoid suffering the same flu-y fate.

Home Remedy Resources

We were lucky enough to have a client introduce us to a wonderful site called Here we have found wonderful recipes for making things like homemade vapor rub ( It has nothing artificial in it, and we have found it works wonders. There are also recipes for soothing shower melts to help with coughs and congestion , flu-busting gummy bears, and elderberry syrup, which our Media Wizard reminded us to use.

We have set up our cold vaporizer with a 3% hydrogen peroxide* (food grade) solution to assist our lungs and immune system. You can read about how the use of hydrogen peroxide vaporizers in hospitals is helping prevent illness, in our post on Superbugs.

While we were getting well, we also started thinking about just how much we spend on products that have unpronounceable names (my mom said if you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it), and whose side effects will catch up with us later in life.

If you think that attempting to make your own home remedies might be costly and difficult due to availability, you’re not alone – so did we. It turns out it’s a lot easier and more affordable than we initially thought – that is, once we found a good herb shop. We highly recommend Clary Sage Herbarium at 28th and Alberta. If you’re willing to spend a little time making your own salves, salts and remedies you can make almost anything you need to stay healthy or to get back to health, and for not too much money.

Other than eating well and making our remedies, we’re learning to rest when we’re not at our new location and incorporating quiet times while at work. Of course we also have the benefit of our Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines, far infrared sauna, and Japanese foot bath – all of which detoxify, shore-up, and strengthen the body as a whole, making it less susceptible to illness.

To learn more about how we can help you reach and maintain optimum health this winter through massage, WBV, far infrared sauna treatments or our Japanese foot bath, or if you have something to share about how you’re staying well through the winter, contact us today at 503-233-9030.


*Note: before attempting to use hydrogen peroxide in a vaporizer, as a mist (or in any other way in which you breathe it in or ingest it) you should be well versed in the safe usage practices of hydrogen peroxide.


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