Our Practice

BodyQuirks Wellness and WBV Studio (formerly BodyQuirks Massage Therapy Studio) is co-owned by Esther Bell, LMT and Tara Krupich, LMT.

We are located just minutes from downtown Portland in a beautiful, spacious studio on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, in NE Portland.

The BodyQuirks Approach

We are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible care for their well-being. For us, that means individualized care, as unique as you are.

We start with a safe, judgment-free environment in which to relax and focus your attention on attaining the best possible balance, for your whole self. When you come in complaining of a sore neck, we don’t just see a crick in your neck that needs to be worked out, but rather, a whole system that needs to be cared for and supported. In this way, all of your body’s parts can move independently, yet harmoniously, adjusting to your unique lifestyle and idiosyncratic patterns, helping you to avoid further problems in the future.

This holistic approach, paired with our depth of experience and varied modalities, allows us to adapt our techniques, using the knowledge, compassion, and versatility necessary to customize our sessions and accommodate our client’s lifestyle changes and demands, as they happen.

Our commitment to continued training ensures we are always employing the most up-to-date information and techniques in the field of massage.

What makes BodyQuirks different?

  • Our intuitive approach to each client
  • 50 years combined experience
  • Our ability to listen to both the client and the body
  • Relaxed, judgment-free environment
  • Truly customized treatment each and every time
  • We maintain a positive, nurturing attitude and environment, encouraging and supporting our clients’ journey to well-being

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call or email us.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards as well as automobile insurance claims.

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