WBV for Home

It is hard to know what type of machine Pivotal, Linear or Sonic will work for you.

As authorized Vibrant Health, Nitrofit, Hypervibe and Sonic Life dealers, we have your Total Body Solution.

Now, you can experience the transformative power of WBV training in your own home, with BodyQuirks’ Total Body Solution.

Whole Body Vibration Machines through BodyQuirks

PowerVibe Home2 WBV machine

Vibrant Health Power 1000

This little powerhouse home unit has the biggest diameter we’ve seen for this type of space-saving (and portable-if-necessary) machine. Stable yet light, quiet and gentle but powerful. This machine feels more gentle than the other vertical units as it increases in increments of 1 Hz at a time versus the standard 5 Hz, like the other units. Our clients like its ease-of-use, the improved posture caused by lack of handrails and the open format for an intense ab workout.

Even Tara’s mom loves this machine!

Basic Description

The compact and space-saving design makes WBV accessible for anyone wanting to improve overall health & wellness, complement any existing fitness routine or rehabilitate from injury.

Programming Features

  • User-friendly console displays time, speed or program
  • 5 Pre-Set Auto programs that vary speed automatically
  • Quick start manual mode for adjustable programming “on the fly”


  • Handy push button remote control
  • Large platform
  • Stores easily
  • Accessories include:  exercise straps and resistance bands


  • Dimensions:  30”wide x 23-5/8” deep x 6-1/8” high
  • Maximum user weight:  300 lbs.
  • Unit weight:  50 lbs.
  • Frequency range:  26Hz – 45 Hz, adjustable in 1 Hz increments
  • Power requirements:  110v – 120 v
  • Certifications:  GS, CE, ETL, RoHS

Warranty: Home use 2-year warranty on parts and labor; Commercial use 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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Vibrant Health Gentle 500

ProductImage1_41-1This gentle “Level 2” machine is ideal for those on a budget or with age and/or health issues that make them more sensitive. It provides the absolute best and most therapeutic type of vibration—gentle vertical vibration. This vibration will provide powerful signals to your nervous system and brain, chi energy, hormones, and every cell in your body leading to rapid benefits for your whole body, including brain health, weight loss, bone and muscle, joints, immune system, even your hair and skin.

The combination of low amplitude and high frequency delivers a low stress but powerful healing message to your whole system. All machines recommended and sold by Vibrant Health are also single motor vertical vibration–this type of vibration delivers a synchronized message to your nervous system which has been shown to promote brain synchronization. Brain synchronization is a phenomenon linked in cutting-edge research to optimal brain function and health, including creativity, problem-solving, learning, and long-term memory formation.


    • Dimensions: 19.3″ x 23.2″ x 46.5″
    • Weight: 33 lbs
    • Platform Size: 19.5″ x 13.5″
    • Manual and automatic modes
    • Time settings: 30 sec, 60 sec, 300 sec (5 min)
    • 9 speed settings, in 5 Hz increments, from 25 – 65Hz
    • Max amplitude: 1.25 mm.
    • Max Load: 250 lbs.
  • Motor 120 Watt.


Residential: 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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Hypervibe G17

The Hypervibe 17 is a pivotal machine, with a higher intensity/G-Force at a lower amplitude (7mm). The lower amplitude makes it one of the least jarring machines, even while standing on the widest edges of the plate, although, the intensity alone makes it feels like a vertical machine! Just 20-minutes on the HyperVibe can create 33,000 muscle contractions! Performance WBV Machines are unique in that they can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of a gravitational load up to an intense 17G or 17x Earth’s gravity. This means your body can accomplish more in 1/3 the time while the machine is doing a lot of the work and accelerates your results!


  • G-force range: 0.4-17.3
  • Frequency range: 5-35Hz (adjustable in 1 Hz increments)
  • Amplitude maximum: 7 mm
  • Built-in library of 38 Guided Workouts and 100 exercises
  • Live G-Force Readings at Low, Medium, & High Platform Markers
  • Machine weight; 182.6 lbs
  • Maximum user weight: 440 lbs
  • Platform size: 21.06″ x 13.189″
  • Machine size: 28.15″ x 32.25″ x 53.34″

Warranty: 2-years limited

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Advantages of buying your WBV unit through BQ Studio:

Try Before You Buy

Just call, email, for a FREE WBV trial consultation and we’ll help you decide on a machine that fits your needs, space requirements, and budget.

*Not local? Can’t make it in to the studio? No worries — we can still help! Just give us a call or email us to order your machine and we’ll help walk you through the differences between machines, as well as features and benefits to fit your lifestyle, budget, and exercise needs.

Leave the Ordering to Us

Once you’ve chosen your machine, leave the rest to us as we place your order for home delivery.

Professional Guidance & Training

When your machine arrives, give us a call and we’ll help walk you through its set-up and the basics of how to use your new WBV machine for maximum benefit.

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