Massage as Medicine

massage infographic Finally, massage is being recognized for its revitalization properties, leaving the realm of “luxury” and “pampering” and being lauded as “good medicine.”

More and more research is being released that proves that massage is not only good for your body (decreasing inflammation and helping in reduction of cortisol, also known as the “stress” hormone), but that it helps people feel more energized and can assist in healing conditions like osteoarthritis.

Proof of Massage as Medicine

Recent studies have begun to show the power of massage as it boosts immune function in breast cancer patients, improves asthma symptoms in children and has helped premature babies gain weight. Muscles even rebound better with a post exercise massage.

New research finds that a single, 45-minute massage can lead to a reduction in the level of cortisol in the blood, a decrease in cytokine proteins related to inflammation and allergic reactions and a boost in white blood cells.

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006, a full-body Swedish massage improved symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee. Patients who had massages twice a week for four weeks and then, once a week for four weeks reported less pain and stiffness and better range of motion than their non-massage counterparts. The effects of massage are now even being studied for generalized anxiety disorder.

The Proof is in the Rubbing

In the 28 years of doing massage, I’ve seen people come in congested, tired and depressed and leave full of energy and having a much more pep and a positive outlook after just one session. If one massage can help that much, imagine what making it a part of your wellness plan, (getting massage more than once or twice a year.)

Most of my clients are “regulars”, people who come in at least once a month, but often as frequently as every two weeks or even every week. People that first see me because of an injury become believers and often start getting massages more often.

Contact us to set-up your own experiment by scheduling a massage today and see what everyone is talking about.

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