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Tara Krupich, LMT

Tara Krupich is a founding partner and co-owner of BodyQuirks in Portland, Oregon. She has been practicing massage and energy work since 1999 and is now the primary licensed massage therapist at BodyQuirks Wellness and Massage located inside YOU. Center for Health and Wellness.


Tara is a licensed massage therapist with extensive training in a variety of modalities including:
  • Medical massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Release alignment
  • Myofascial techniques (with work in somatic psychology and structured integration)
  • Ligament strengthening
Tara’s studies in eastern modalities have helped her to understand subtle energies (such as the meridians, chakras, and myo-muscular tissue) of the body better. But it is her uncanny ability to show people where their resistance lies (whether in mind or body) and to assist them in releasing it, is what led to Tara’s concentration in Emotional Release and Mindful Life Coaching.
This powerful, life-changing work allows her to see and feel the energy of stuck emotions or trauma and to help her clients release it so that their bodies can return to their natural state of perfect alignment, health, and well-being.

Tara’s Stats:

Years in Practice: 25+
Training: Graduate East-West College of Healing Arts, Licensed Massage Therapist – Oregon License # 7135, Licensed Massage Therapist – Washington, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Focus of Practice: To help my clients clear trapped, stagnant or negative energy and release these emotional or energetic blocks.
Main Modalities: Energy Work, Guided Life Coaching, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports, Medical, and pre-natal massage.
Interests: Spontaneous road trips, anything to do with nature and critters, loving and laughing with family and friends.

Esther Bell, LMT

Esther Bell is a founding partner and co-owner of BodyQuirks in Portland, Oregon.
A licensed massage practitioner with over 30 years experience in customized, integrated bodywork, Esther recently retired from manual modalties of massage therapy (due to osteoarthritis in her hands) and now exclusively specializes in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and SomatoEmotional Release (SER) techniques.
Esther believes that by exploring the unique patterns, stressors and lifestyle conditions of the individual and tailoring her approach to a client’s specific needs, she can assist them in achieving a better balanced, overall sense of well-being.

Esther’s Stats

Years in Practice: 30+
Training: Houston School of Massage, Oregon School of Massage, and multiple other training. Licensed Massage Therapist #4855
Focus of Practice: To help my clients find a more balanced way to conduct their day-to-day living.
Main Modalities: Craniosacral
Interests: Gardening, kayaking, hiking,  snorkeling, travel, bird watching.
Languages: Fluent in both English and Spanish
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BQ Studio and WBV machines

In 2013, Esther and Tara discovered whole-body vibration and decided to add it to their massage therapy practice in an effort to help stuck clients overcome their long-term health hurdles. They followed that discovery with the opening of Portland’s first full-service WBV Studio in 2014. Though the studio itself is now closed, the benefits of WBV cannot be denied.
As Esther and Tara have found— when it comes to expediting the healing and rehabilitation of their clients’ core strength, balance, and vitality—whole-body vibration is the perfect adjunct to their seasoned, intuitive, and tailored approach to bodywork. This is why they continue to offer WBV demonstrations inside YOU. Center for Health and Wellness.