3 Easy Ways To Detox This Winter

With holidays, comes food and overindulging! Even if you haven’t overdone it, it’s harder to be as active when it’s cold and wet out. Finding ways to move the body and detox are important year round- luckily, our studio has several modalities that are great for engaging and toning muscle, moving out toxins via lymph and sweat! The best part is, they’re easy and painless to use!

Bodyquirks top 3 tools for detoxing:

1. Far-Infrared Sauna:

  • Increases blood circulation to even the smallest blood vessels and other poorly-accessed parts of your body in reaction to becoming heated, so more toxins are drawn out via sweat, helping your body rid itself of dangerous toxins that it has no other way to rid itself of.
  • Helps draw out toxins circulating in your blood that wait for the liver and kidneys to process, even toxins that have settled in tissues like in your joints or the muscle of your heart, and toxins stored in body fat. 

2. Whole Body Vibration:

  • When vibrating, most of your muscles will involuntarily tense and relax at the same rate the machine is vibrating, massaging your lymph system. This releases toxins and breaks up lymph congestion, which may contain cell waste products, like bacteria, even dead or damaged cells like cancer cells, according to Dr. Axe.
  • Tissues located around the body can become inflamed and painful when circulation slows and inflammation builds. WBV improves circulation, which is important to keep the lymphatic system running smoothly, and prevents tissues from swelling from excess waste/toxins in the system.

3. Recovery (7.2 brand):

  • This is a supplement that contains molecular hydrogen and minerals. Molecular hydrogen helps battle aging and more than five dozen diseases including cancer, primarily by reducing oxidative stress. The liver is the principal detoxifying organ and metabolizes free radicals in the system (from toxins in food, air, water, byproducts of cellular reactions, etc.). When there are less free radicals, the liver doesn’t have as many toxins to filter and can function optimally. This can ultimately, prevent liver damage, low energy, and other aches and pains associated with a poorly functioning liver.

We wish you a lighter, more vibrant body, mind, and spirit for the new year!

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