Healing and Preventing Colds With Copper

Copper? For Colds?!

We came across a great article on a little device made of copper that can stop a cold in its tracks. Colds start when a cold virus gets in your nose and the virus multiplies. Because copper is anti-microbial, you can stop a virus from multiplying simply by placing the device in contact with the affected area. For colds and sinus issues, rub the device inside the sinus cavity for 1 minute. For cold sores, place the copper tip on the location of the cold sore.

Research has found that the tiny electric charge in microbe cells gets short-circuited by the high conductance of copper, destroying microbe cell in seconds. In a lab test, scientists placed 25 million live flu viruses on a CopperZap and no viruses were found alive shortly after. What’s amazing is that 100% of users have said that this copper device stops their colds if used within 3 hours of the first sign. More info about this handy device can be found at copperzap.com.

Speaking of copper, we offer a healing tool, called PEMF, that charges your cells and speeds up the healing process via copper coils. These coils transfer beneficial electromagnetic frequencies to the body at the level of the cell. It’s an easy and painless way to give your immune system a boost at onset, during, or after a cold, virus, or any other kind of malady. We have experienced amazing results just lying on the PEMF mat for as little as 8 to 16 minutes. Check out our blogs on PEMF technology and if you find it as intriguing as we have, give us a call @(503) 233-9030 to set up your free demo!

Lastly, here’s a video on how copper can improve your health from your brain, immune system, skin, and hair, to your thyroid:

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