How BodyQuirks Can Help After A Motor Vehicle Accident

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), it can be days, weeks, or even months before you feel the effects. Healing from injuries, regardless of the cause, is a process.

In our long history of working with MVA clients, we have noticed 3 things in the aftermath:

1) Decreased range of motion. Adhesions or scar tissue can be hard to detect in your own body. These fibrous bands of scar tissue bind tissues that would not normally bind, resulting in decreased range of motion in your neck for example. Adhesions in the connective tissue are the most problematic, as there’s very little blood flow within connective tissue. As massage therapists, we have to get in there with either the Gua Sha method (scraping the skin with a massage tool) or have you use whole body vibration machines to help release adhered tissue.

2) Delayed pain and numbness. It’s common for MVA clients to have a delayed onset of symptoms as a result of the accident. It often takes a week or more for symptoms to show up, we find that many clients don’t equate the symptoms that show up later, with their accident. We encourage clients that have experience an MVA to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent trauma from settling in.

3) Fuzzy thinking. If you have ever seen a fender bender in slow-motion, even as little as 5 miles an hour, at impact you will see the whiplash motion that knocks your brain around inside your skull. Co-owner of Bodyquirks, Tara Krupich, is more than a year out from being rear ended and still experiences headaches and “fuzzy brain”. Co-owner,  Esther Bell, helped her headaches dramatically, with craniosacral work.

In addition to working with a medical professional and/or physical therapist, BodyQuirks can help with the following tools:


We accept insurance from clients that have been in motor vehicle accidents with a prescription for massage. We offer several styles of massage and cater to you. CranioSacral therapy is also a great option to help the nervous system and brain to recover from trauma.


Our PEMF mat is a great tool for helping calm and restore the nervous system, reducing pain/swelling/bruising, and speeding up the healing process.


If you are cleared for exercise, modified exercises using Whole Body Vibration can be helpful. WBV can help reduce stress hormones, tone muscle, improve balance, and reduce pain, adhesions, and/or swelling with minimal impact on the joints, etc.

Call us today (503) 233-9030 for more information about our services or to schedule a free PEMF or WBV session!

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