Self Care in the Digital Age

As we sit at a desk for the bulk of the day, many of us become subject to what we call “modern ailments”. We are less physically active than ever, according to the US Dept of Health and Fitness- the main culprits: computers and cell phones.

Staring at a screen, sitting long hours, or hunching over to text, can lead to aches and pains from repetitive use and not moving enough. Sitting at a desk can lead to wrist issues like carpal tunnel and elbow pain, which is even referred to “Computer Elbow“. Computer elbow (technically lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow) is a pain in the outer elbow from overusing muscles and tendons of the forearm and elbow joint. Typing, coding, using a mouse all day may lead to severe arm pain such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related conditions. Even cell phone use can lead to thumb pain and changes in posture to a more slumped over position.

The good news:

Even if you can’t change your job, you can change how you work and move your body. Here is our list of quick fixes!

Wrists & Elbows:

  • Set up your workstation better; use a mouse pad with wrist support, take breaks, sit on an exercise ball for better posture, try a standing desk
  • Switch hands to use the mouse
  • WBV to mobilize without causing pain
  • Self-massage


  • Use Dictate or the swipe option instead of texting with thumbs
  • Massages & self-massage
  • Stretch

For helpful exercises and stretches for wrists, elbows, and thumbs using WBV, just ask us next time you come in! For more information or to book a massage, call us at (503) 233-9030!

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