Vibration Therapy for Spinal Injuries

If you’re having trouble exercising or engaging muscles because of a spinal injury or surgery, Whole Body Vibration may help! Vibe Plate, makers of vertical WBV machines, believe WBV is a great way to rehabilitate the body, specifically the spine. “When you add Whole Body Vibration to physical therapy, you can improve your results and speed up the healing process”, Vibe Plate adds. WBV produces muscle contractions and engages 97% of your muscles. Furthermore, WBV can break up scar tissue and adhesions and increase circulation and blood flow, so why not add vibration to an area that needs extra care?

How WBV Can Help

When you vibrate your spine, blood flow in your legs is stimulated while activating muscle cell metabolism. When combined, these two benefits of Whole Body Vibration therapy naturally improve the ability to walk without feeling overly fatigued.

Improving circulation in the lower half of the body is one of the main goals when rehabilitating the spine. “That’s why many physical therapy programs for spinal cord injuries include passive leg movements, such as passive cycling”, Vibe Plate continues, “traditional passive exercises often don’t increase lower extremity blood flow enough to provide beneficial changes”. Clinical studies in places like the Research Center on Physical Disability, have also found that spinal cord vibration therapy adequately increases blood flow in the legs. It does this by repeatedly contracting muscles and dilating blood vessels through vibratory stimulation. The conclusion of this study on the effects of WBV on blood flow and neuromuscular activity in spinal cord injury was that WBV could be considered to be incorporated in their rehabilitation programs. Another study by the University of British Columbia also found statistically significant improvements in muscle spasticity, walking, and balance after 5 weeks of WBV training.

We have seen many of our clients with chronic back pain and those with a history of spinal surgery get relief, increased mobility, and feel better overall. As long as you’re cleared for exercise by your doctor, you can use whole body vibration.

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