New Year, New You! Prepare Your Brain for Change

Holidays, family, stress, and New Year’s resolutions looming on the horizon — it’s enough to have your shoulders up to your ears with tension. While massage is strong antidotal therapy for what ails you, we also like to gather great tips, tools and resources to help ease our friends through the tough bits.

Last week, we discussed how hard change can be to adapt to once it’s here — especially when it’s unexpected. But expected change, as we said, is different. It allows you the benefit of preparing. To that end, we’ve found you a resource to help you de-stress and de-clutter your brain post (or even during) holiday so you can gear up for the New Year.

Even if you’re skipping the resolutions, this is a great exercise to get yourself ready to return to work and your normal healthful lifestyle post celebration. It could also be a useful tool to have handy when you’re in the thick of stress. We hope you enjoy it and that you find other great tools and tips here on our site to help you get the most out of your year and your health.


Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation Helps You Prepare Your Brain for Change

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