Drug Free Solutions for Pain Relief

With the start of the rainy season, many of us with existing pain tend to feel our aches more profoundly than in warmer months. Lucky for us at BodyQuirks, we have several solutions for pain that are safe, drug-free, and often produce more benefits than pain relief alone.

WBV, PEMF, and massage are a fabulous, quick, even fun ways to reduce pain dramatically and even relieve pain completely. Even our Far-Infrared Sauna, known for helping the body detox, is a great way to decrease pain and inflammation.

Tara Krupich, LMT, of BodyQuirks, shares first-hand experience using WBV for pain relief:

“Prior to using the machines, I had been experiencing continuous back pain for about 15 years. I had a pretty bad rollover accident in my early 20’s and I think that the combination of adhesions and injuries to the lower spine caught up with me. I am typically a very active person, but there were many activities I had a hard time doing because of the back pain. Riding my bike was one of them. I couldn’t go for more than a mile without my back feeling like it was going to break in half. I even bought a fancy pilates machine and used that three times a week for two years! My back got a little better, but I still couldn’t go for more than a couple miles without my back acting up again. When we bought our first WBV machine, I started out just standing on it. In less than a month, my back pain was totally gone and my back has never felt unstable since! Because of prior accidents and injuries my core was not engaging properly no matter what I did. Just standing on the machine fires every muscle in your body, regardless of adhesions or injuries, so it’s going to strengthen your body without injuring you further.”

Tara will be our guest speaker for our November edition of our free monthly expert series talks, titled ‘Injury Recovery with Whole Body Vibration’ at BodyQuirks, Nov 18th @ 5pm.

Call (503) 233-9030 to RSVP! We would love to see you there!

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