Does Whole Body Vibration Really Work?

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What’s all the hype around vibration technology in the fitness world? Does it work? There are so many claims, it must be too good to be true!

While some claims are hype, there are many studies proving that Whole Body Vibration works. We’ve also had the privilege of seeing our clients get healthier, taken off of medications, have their bone density increase, their moods improve after a 20-minute session, and get out of chronic pain conditions.

Facts & Science Behind WBV

An article on Whole Body Vibration and vibrating fitness equipment by addresses if and how WBV works via a vertical WBV machine called the PowerPlate. Although this unit has a dual motor, not a single motor, which we prefer- many of the results are the same. Developed by a Dutch Olympic trainer, the Power Plate is one of the most well-known whole body vibration devices out there. It serves as an effective way to quickly amplify the results of the exercises you already do. also interviewed Allison Wiedman, a physical therapist at Race to Recovery Physical Therapy in NYC. She suggested that WBV “may not fulfill your cardio component (in the same way training for a marathon might), but you can perform cardio exercises (like toe taps) on a WBV platform for an added challenge”. Plus, she adds, “you can strengthen in a very efficient way and work on your balance.” There are also many studies, particularly one published by the Public Library of Science consisting of a team of several doctors of sports medicine, showing how WBV can help improve muscle endurance, mobility, and overall balance.

One of the most surprising WBV studies by Science Daily suggests whole body vibration might be as effective as exercise when it comes to losing weight and improving metabolism. Other forms of exercise are still beneficial to the body and WBV is still a great adjunct even if you’re already healthy. But, if you haven’t been able to exercise because of an injury or health challenge, WBV is often gentle enough for those with challenges to still benefit. With very little impact to the joints, WBV engages up to 97% of the muscles, so you’re able to get stronger and have the ability to participate in more activities despite not having the initial strength.

We think it’s a great idea to shake up your routine, but ultimately your body will know the difference!

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