5 Tools You Can Use If You’re An Empath

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about what it is to be an Empath and even have a Being an Empath blog series. As part of Being an Empath, we’re going to share an abbreviated list of tools we’ve found helpful if you are empathic and tend to pick up other people’s energy.

First, here are a few reasons why we might need some tools or practices to protect ourselves energetically:

We are subjected to large amounts of stress and stimulus on a daily basis. If that stress is in our direct environment, i.e., in the home or in our relationships, it can affect our well being, especially if we are empathic and sensitive to our environment. If you feel off, angry for no reason, or you walk into a space or talk to someone having a bad day and find yourself upset afterward, you may need or want to protect yourself from the negative energy around you. Luckily, the following tools are easy to use and might already be familiar to you.

Our top five tools for empaths:

1. Get grounded: find a practice or exercise that gets you in your body and connected to the earth! That will not only help you be less impacted by stress, but also provide many other benefits. Both Whole Body Vibration and gentle exercise, like yoga, help balance and build the energy body, which acts as an invisible shield. A strong energy field (aura) helps keep other people’s energy out.

2. Visualization: everything is created in the mind first. If you want to obtain a specific goal, you often picture yourself achieving it and/or taking the steps to achieve it first. If you picture yourself grounded and protected, you’re going to feel safer. A simple way to protect yourself when going into a crowded place or being around someone difficult is to imagine a bubble surrounding your being. The bubble can be made of white or gold light or even be made up of mirrors facing out. Inside this bubble is your world, where you can focus inside and find your balance, while everything else is on the outside.

3. Affirmations: these are a powerful tool and reinforcer of your life path, as well as a great way to keep your intentions focused and on track. When your energy is influenced by another or by negativity in the outside world, having affirmations at the ready can be a reminder of who you are and where your energy is most at peace. A few great examples are:

I am honored and respected by all.
I am always safe and divinely protected.
Everything I need to know is revealed to me.
I am vibrantly healthy as I carry positive energy and thoughts. 

Additional resources we like include Louise Hay and the Whose Stuff Is This? blog with affirmations specifically for empaths.

4. Salt: As simple as putting epsom salts in your bath and putting little bowls of salt in the corners of your home, office, or anywhere you spend a lot of time in. Low vibration energy is pulled into the salt, which is, by nature, a high vibration.

5. Essential oils: everything has its own natural vibration, including essential oils. Specific oils we like for reducing anxiety include Lavender, Basil, Chamomile, Bergamot, Cedar wood, Rose, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang, White Fir, Spruce and Cedarwood are also great for grounding. These oils help build a powerful energetic armor and have the ability to keep one relaxed and grounded when in crowded places, according to Dr. Michael R Smith’s “Complete Empath Toolkit”. They are easy to use and can be put in a diffuser, diluted with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and applied directly behind the ears, wrists, base of the skull, and temples to help with everyday decisions, inhaled directly, or added to your bath for a warm, comforting aroma (2-4 drops).

If you are still struggling to keep your energy free and clear, we sell a variety of healing essential oils at BodyQuirks by Snow Lotus and DoTerra, as well as use them as part of our massage therapy practice. Massage is very grounding, so make an appointment with Tara Krupich and she can help you with other tools while giving you an amazing massage! If you are new to Whole Body Vibration, we offer free demos of our various machines too, that not only help wake up and tone your body, but get you back into your body and feet. Many of our clients mention how they feel reset and clearer after using the machines, as they also help balance the energy body. Another great grounding tool that we have is the PEMF mat, which recharges and grounds your entire body, and we offer an 8 minute free introductory session.

Schedule a 15 minute free energy work assessment with Tara if you are wondering if you are an empath.

Call us at (503) 233-9030 to book your massage, PEMF introductory session and your free WBV demo!

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