New Sonic WBV Machines Are Here!

FullSizeRenderWe’re so excited to be able to introduce our newest addition, the very latest technology in whole body vibration machines, what we like to call the Lamborghini of WBV machines, Sonic Life.  So how did we come to find these Sonic Life machines?

Why Sonic Life WBV?

It all started when we heard about this new sonic vibration technology — using sound to create the vibrations in a new breed of WBV machines. After further research, we were able to track down a local distributor of these machines, located in Hood River. (We LOVE to support local businesses when we can and having this distributor so close by made it easy for us to check out this new technology sooner rather than later.)

After a couple of attempts to meet with the owner and try out the machines, we were successful in reaching him and ended up chatting about what makes sonic WBV technology different from mechanical whole body vibration training machines. Not only that, but he offered us a one month free trial, for us and our clients, right here at the BodyQuirks Wellness and WBV Studio in Portland, Oregon.

active WBV sonic

Try it and see the difference

During the trial, we not only paid attention to what we experienced and felt using these machines but also elicited the opinions of our members as they tried them out. We very quickly felt that these machines were in their own special category. (And the majority of our members who used them agreed!)

Having had a taste, we simply could not imagine our WBV studio without these machines available to us and our members on a regular basis, so we took the plunge and added two of these gems to the whole range of whole body vibration machines styles we currently have in-studio.

display wbvWe’re now proud to offer the Professional Sonic Life VC-12 and the Sonic Life Pulsation VM-10 units in-house AND we’ve added these two (and the third, Personal model) to the selection of WBV machines available for order through our BodyQuirks’ Total Body Solution “No Pressure” WBV Sales program for those who’d like to purchase a WBV unit for home use or as a gift for a loved one.

If you’d like to learn more about Sonic Life and how it can improve things like your lymphatic health, check out some of the articles by Sonic Life distributor, Jim Cole, on or come in and see us today to give it a try for yourself.




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