Adding a WBV Warm-Up to Your Workout Can Boost Results

olderwomanexerciseWhile we all know that whole body vibration (WBV) therapy can help improve the quality of life for those with chronic conditions, facilitate faster healing for those post-surgery or post-injury, and improve flexibility, mood, and circulation, what you may not know is that WBV can also help you boost any other workout you may be doing.

That’s right, not only is WBV training an effective exercise and rehabilitative therapy all on its own, but if you’re an avid cross-trainer, dancer, cyclist, weight lifter, or athlete of any kind — WBV has been shown to increase performance, helping you to take it to the next level. And it all starts — with maximizing your warm-up.

Effective Warm-up for your Workout

Whole Body Vibration therapy has long been touted as an excellent adjunct to rehabilitative therapies post injury and post surgery but it’s also been found to be quite effective in helping to prevent injuries by warming up those muscles pre-exercise as well.

A study in warming up

A recent study published in the December 2015 issue of Science and Sports Journal, took on the task of proving whether or not whole body vibration (WBV) exercise could be used as an effective warm-up to improve lower extremity performance and sought to clarify inconsistencies in the numerous previous studies published on the matter.
“The purpose of the study was, first, to investigate whether a WBV intervention performed on a vertical synchronous platform could be an effective warm-up procedure. Second, we meticulously paid attention to the quantification of the effective acceleration produced by the platform.”
French scientists studied 14 recreationally active adults using either a WBV warm-up (30 Hz/4 mm; theoretical acceleration of 71 m·s−2) or non-vibration (NWBV) warm-up of intermittent dynamic squatting exercises (30 s/30 s) over the course of ten minutes. Pre- and post- warm-up tests included a counter movement jump, bilateral isometric maximal voluntary contraction of knee extensor muscles, and sit and reach box test. Post-tests were performed at one and five minutes after the warm-up.

Results: WBV wins!

Both the counter movement jump height (+4.92%; P < 0.05) and lower extremity flexibility (+13.56%; P < 0.001) were significantly increased at five minutes post WBV workout, while no changes were observed after the NWBV. Neither warm-up improved the bilateral isometric strength of the knee extensor muscles. Researchers concluded that, “dynamic WBV exercise constitutes a successful warm-up procedure to improve lower extremity performance.”

Let us be your resource

Obviously, running a whole body vibration studio gives you a first-hand perspective on all that WBV therapy can do to improve overall strength, flexibility, and fitness. That’s because we not only see what WBV training has done for us but we get to witness the health transformations of our members daily.

From those who are able to do things that haven’t done in years, to those whose physicians are flummoxed by sudden improvement in their recent lab results, or for those dealing with chronic health conditions and who are now experiencing a significantly improved quality of life through the addition of WBV in their lives, to the athletes who tell us their recovery times are cut in half when they use WBV post performance.

And it only gets better for us, when we can point you to new breakthroughs and studies that show that just about anyone can benefit from adding WBV to their current lifestyle to improve their health, fitness, and overall satisfaction. These stories are what drive us — the joy of helping people improve their lives is a big reward.

This is why we’ve worked so hard to make the studio a one-stop shop of the latest information, training, and technology for WBV, as well as providing adjunct therapies like massage, nutritional supplements, mindful life coaching, and other health boosting tools to meet your needs, in a safe, eco-friendly environment. If you need assistance in getting your health on the right track, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a FREE demonstration today!



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