Sinus Relief with Self-Massage

self massage for sinuses
self massage for sinuses

Sinus pain and pressure from allergies can really put a dent in your summer plans, especially if it’s chronic and leads to headaches, migraines or sinus infection. Because we can’t always be there to solve your sinus problems, we thought it best to give you a few tips to keep your sinuses in tip-top condition throughout peak allergy season.

In a previous post on Natural Care for Sinus Relief, we mentioned the use of Neti pots, and hydrotherapy techniques (alternating hot and cold compresses on the sinuses), the use of steam, a healthful diet, exercise and rest as all easy to do, supportive therapies for relief of sinus pain or pressure.

Here are a few more sinus tips:

Nasal Strips: These strips help to hold your nasal passages open at night, helping you get more restful sleep and reduce congestion (and snoring — your partner will love ’em, too!).

Monitor Indoor Humidity: Check your home for either too much or too little humidity and either get a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Purchase a hygrometer (sometimes called a humidity sensor or relative humidity indicator). This is a small, inexpensive and easy-to-use instrument that can measure the humidity level in your home. The RH factor (or Relative Humidity) in your home should hover between 30% to 50 in your home, below that marker your sinuses become brittle and more susceptible to infections. Anything above 50% allows the growth of moss and mildew, which then enter your system. For more information visit’s page on How to Measure Humidity in your Home.

Self-Massage for Sinus Relief

Another thing you can do is a self-massage of your neck and face to reduce inflammation and pain. Most people start a self-massage of the sinuses on the sinuses but where will  all that congestion move to? You really need to first massage your throat and neck to open your lymphatic pathways and get rid of the infection and mucus.

Start at the collarbone just bellow your chin, and massage in circles with one or two fingers, then move up the neck towards your jaw continuing to massage in circles until you reach just below your jaw line, under your ears. Repeat this several times to clear the way for the sinuses to release. Now move up to your chin and massage going up the jaw line all the way to your ear, this will help clear your Eustachian tubes in the ear.

Now, put your fingers at the middle edge of your eyebrows and massage in circles all the way to your temples. Now go just below the ridge to that sensitive spot at the edge of your eyes, you are usually tender there so be gentle but firm. Now move to the side of your nostrils and massage that spot, move over your cheek bones towards your ears with the same circular motion. Your sinuses should start to drain in no time flat. Before you know it the pain and pressure will disappear. Do this massage daily, or even twice daily to keep your fluids moving and reduce inflammation.

Reflexology: You can also try Reflexology for Sinus Relief, gathering tips from our previous post and working the suggested points on your feet for additional relief.

When it comes to techniques for sinus relief, you can try one or try them all but to get maximum benefits make sure to get plenty of rest, drink your water (hydration is key), exercise regularly, eat healthfully, reduce or manage your stress, and massage your face (or come get a massage).

Remember, as always the best medicine is prevention and the best preventative care is self-care.



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