Energy, Emotions and Your Health: Loving them Lungs

Westie with Esther, Best Buds

It’s been quite a month for us, with the unexpected loss of two of our sweet babies, Westie and Boo. They were dear friends of the sweet, furry variety — family members and companions, who meant a great deal to us both and they will be missed. This week’s post is dedicated to their lively and unique spirits and the joy that they brought into our world.

Our comfy Boo

As we deal with the loss and move through our feelings of grief and reconciliation, we have found that this August, we are not alone in experiencing something tragic among our circle of friends and clients. A good portion of the people we know and treat have also been going through stubborn lung issues from infections to asthma-related issues. Since we focus on the mind-body connections, it was a no-brainer coming up with this month’s, “Quirk of the Month,” which we are calling — “Loving them Lungs.”

Westie all cozy

The most obvious and vital task of the lungs is to take in oxygen as you breathe in, then expel stale air and carbon dioxide as you breathe out.  There is also, of course, the rest of the story:

Boo chillin' out

An Emotional Journey Through the Organs

In Chinese medicine all organs have an emotional component. Emotions and physical health are intimately intertwined. Even in western medicine they are beginning to see the very real connections between emotions like stress and the adverse affects on the body. In the Chinese tradition though, the lungs correspond to the emotions of grief, sadness and detachment. The physical functions are those mentioned above, as well as working with the kidneys to help regulate water metabolism. In addition, the lungs also help regulate sweat glands, body hair and also assist in providing moisture to the skin and of course, play an important role in your overall immune system function.

Symptoms of Lung Imbalance Include:

  • Shallow breathing and shortness of breath
  • Frequent cold and flu
  • Frequent sweating and fatigue
  • Allergies, asthma and other lung conditions
  • Dry skin
  • Depression
  • Inexplicable crying

In Acupuncture or acupressure, there are many points helpful in treating lung issues that you can even apply yourself at home. If you came into our office with lung issues (after making sure you sought proper medical advice, if necessary) we would work these points for your lungs, as well as the corresponding meridians.

Something you don’t want to overlook when dealing with grief and lung issues is one of the most powerful modalities — energy work. If you find you are having any lung dysfunction or lung-centered issues, making sure your heart chakra is functioning properly, as it is associated with the lungs, can be extremely helpful.

Chakras in alignment surrounded by golden healing energy

Aligning your chakras and giving you the tools to help keep them that way will aid in the healing process of both your physical manifestations, as well any emotional turmoil you may be dealing with. During this time, Tara might also help you explore any hidden grief you may have tucked away. Most importantly, we would want to make sure you are loving and caring for your self and your needs, unconditionally.

If you’ve recently experienced a loss, are having lung issues or just want to explore energy work with Tara, please give us a call at 503-781-2531 to schedule a session.

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