On Grief and Loss: The Law of Attraction

In our last blog, we talked about the lungs as an emotional storage epicenter for feelings of loss and grief. We intended to do a follow-up blog on grief, with more tips and tricks but the more we dug in, the details just seemed unimportant.

We could talk about the Five Stages of Grief as outlined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her popular work, On Death and Dying, we could share anecdotes of what has helped us (and those we know) resolve feelings of grief, or we could recommend a series of actions or steps to take, to help you get past your grief.

But in the end, grief — like life and death, is a very personal and individual process. Certainly, grief and loss are something that we will all experience at one time or another in our lives. We may share things in common with one another throughout our grieving process, but no two people grieve in quite the same way, nor find resolution or comfort in the same things.

The difference is perspective. What you experience in life and in death is always your own perception of those events. It is no different when it comes to grief and loss — you experience what you perceive.

But we believe that Esther Hicks (Abraham) articulates this much better than we ever could in this video:

We hope that this may bring some peace and comfort, and maybe help to guide you through your process and back to your source of true joy.

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