What You Can Do to Help Your Hips

A lot of our clients have been talking about hip issues recently. Tight, painful hips can be the result of an injury, lack of movement, or too much of the wrong types of movement. Luckily, clients with injuries, and even those with hip replacements and bursitis, can find relief by using WBV as a form of rehabilitation, gentle enough for your whole body.

WBV is a great option because it helps bring mobility and blood flow to joints without the pain or impact of traditional exercise. With increased blood flow to the hip joint from standing, sitting, or lying on a Whole Body Vibration platform, it is possible to lower inflammation and speed up healing to that area. Because bursitis is often made worse by movement, simply sitting in a chair while putting your feet on a WBV platform, or sitting on wooden bench directly on that platform, can bring needed circulation to that area without pain. Often times, with hip replacements and hip injuries, we notice a lack of mobility in the hip joint. Simple exercises on our WBV platforms not only bring more mobility and flexibility, the gentle vibration may help break up any scar tissue that may be keeping you stuck. More on how WBV has improved hip function after surgery can be found on Medscape, one of the leading medical resources online.

We’d like to help our clients struggling with their hips with some gentle exercises using WBV technology. Some easy solutions and exercises we’ve found are in this short video by Hypervibe (which are especially rehabilitative after hip replacement surgery) and another video made by hiring the Corporate video production services Toronto which focuses on strengthening and mobilizing hips with WBV by Health and Med, below:

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