WBV and the Energy Body

quad stretch on the Power Vibe WBV machine We’ve been using the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines with our clients for over a year and running full memberships now for over a month at our new studio.

From our own experiences, we knew that we felt more open, energized and somehow happier after using the machines. And when we looked into the studies on WBV, the science backs this up.

That’s because WBV affects the body differently, faster than traditional forms of exercise, in a way that causes it to have a variety of biochemical and hormonal responses. But in addition to those chemical and hormonal reactions, we also see an energetic shift in our clients — in what’s referred to as their “energy body.”

Don't kill my vibe

WBV & Body Chemistry

Use of whole body vibration machines naturally causes our bodies to releases endorphins. These endorphins are chemicals released by the pituitary gland in response to stress or pain. Often referred to as “runner’s high,” the effect is mildly euphoric. With traditional forms of exercise, it can take up to 30 minutes to release endorphins but because WBV creates more intense stimulation to the central nervous system, endorphin release occurs much more quickly.

Pair that with the elevated serotonin (“the happy hormone”) levels created by WBV, which not only mellows you out but will also lead to a good night’s rest and it’s no wonder a WBV session can make you feel SO good.

Not only that, but use of whole body vibration machines has been shown, when used consistently over time, to reduce cortisol (“the stress hormone”) by up to 30% and since excess cortisol contributes significantly to “belly fat,” — the resulting decrease in belly weight will have you feeling lighter, happier and even sexier! (Since excess belly fat has been shown to lower your sex drive.)

Lastly, studies have also shown WBV can help increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels by up to 361% and since HGH increases energy, endurance, and recovery times, as well as improves mood, sleep patterns and libido, you can bet these overall feelings of well-being and energy transfer over, affecting your energetic body and giving you “great vibes,” as we say.

Healing your energy body with WBV

Energy Body Shifts with WBV

While doing energy work and emotional release with clients, Tara noticed a profound change in their energy bodies immediately after they used the WBV machine. So she started tracking their energy bodies before and after WBV sessions She found that invariably their energy shifted from closed and disconnected in different chakras to more balanced and open. Clients reported that emotionally, they continued to release old stuck emotions after their sessions.

Massachusetts Naturopath and author of Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health, Becky Chambers, agrees in her post on Energy and Whole Body Vibration in which she explains the evidence that WBV effectively unblocks and shifts chi or vibrational energy. Tara has found that, for clients using the WBV machine, the amount of time it takes for her to help release stuck emotions and balance chakras and meridians has been cut.

Unlocking Past Traumas: WBV and Energetic Release

For those clients with traumatic events in their histories, who may have stored the memories of those events, energetically in their muscle tissue (commonly referred to as cellular memory) WBV paired with energy work can prove to be particularly powerful. Tara had one specific client, who gave permission to share her story, with a history of sexual abuse in her background, was found to be ungrounded in her root chakra. After treatment, she experienced a dramatic release in that chakra, for the first time since her trauma. Later that evening she reported such a pronounced emotional release, that she spent the rest of the evening crying and releasing all that old pent-up negative energy, awakening the next morning to a sense of great relief, clarity, and openness.

Because WBV paired with energy work can be such a powerful tool for healing, it’s advisable to start slowly, making certain you are ready to face those things that may be jarred loose in the process, doing only a few minutes to begin with and working up to a full 12 minute session, keeping in mind that you will be processing emotions long past the time you leave the office.

If you’d like to experience energetic realignment and health rebalancing, give us a call at (503) 233-9030 to schedule your first session with Tara today!

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