Energy Work and Emotional Release: The Science of a Mindful Life

What is Emotional Release and Energy Work?

To understand what Emotional Release and Mindful Life Coaching are all about and how they can benefit you, we must first explore the connection between the energy (electricity) that our entire body and brain work on and its connection with your emotional state. This is the mind/body (and spirit) connection — this is the foundation to beginning this type of work and ultimately, the cornerstone of all “good health.”

The Science

When we think of electricity (what we, in bodywork, refer to as energy or chi), we often think of it as something external to ourselves. This is in error, as there is a form of electricity that is prevalent in every living creature, including human beings — it’s called bioelectricity. Bioelectricity is present in every living organism. The only difference between electricity and bioelectricity is in its degree. Where a lightning bolt can exceed temperatures of 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the current of the human body runs similarly but just on a smaller scale. In fact, the human body largely, commanded by bioelectric currents, has dedicated organs tuned in to sensing electromagnetic impulses, inside and outside itself. Like the pineal and pituitary glands, both of which are tied to the human body’s ability to sense and experience electromagnetic phenomenon. Our nervous systems are key to all of this, running entirely off the transmittance of electric pulses. Our cells generate this electricity by pumping ions in and out, called “adenosine triphosphate”  or ATP.  ATP can either be neutral, or it can carry a charge (positive or negative), and it these charged particles that cells use for energy.

A Scientific Breakthrough

Both traditional western medicine and science are in agreement that this electricity can affect and be affected in the way the human body functions. Dr. Andrew Bassett, regarded as one of America’s most noted researchers in magnetic (electric) therapies,  began his work by sending patients with broken legs (that weren’t healing right) home with an electrical device. Described as two heavy pads connected by wires to a box that plugged into wall socket, this device introduced an EMF pulse into the patient’s flesh and bone. These energetic pulses somehow “spoke” to the bone commanding it to heal. It is through efforts like these that many of today’s athletes, with conditions that would not yield to more traditional treatments, have been able to hasten their healing process, reducing their recovery time by half or more through the use of state of the art magnetic therapy.

An Eastern Take on Bioelectricity

Chi or energy or bioelectricity (whatever you choose to call it) is also an electromagnetic phenomenon.  This energy can be controlled, stored or manipulated by the thoughts and feelings you manifest as well. This is illustrated beautifully by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, which uses high-speed photography, to reveal changes in frozen water samples when specific, concentrated thoughts were directed toward them. Energetic/Emotional Release Scientific proof aside, as bodywork therapists, each day, we see the mind/body (and spirit) connection clearly within our clients. We observe, as our clients move from states of agitation, stress or anxiety to that of relaxed or calm. We can feel the sources of disorder within their bodies, as we palpate muscles, releasing knots and easing physical pain. We listen, as clients, in a relaxed state, suddenly and inexplicably, reveal deep or long forgotten memories and emotions, unseated, as a result of the work we are doing. As we work these muscles, tapping into both your physical and emotional, with the simple act of pressure on flesh, we are in a ideal position to be able to guide you through the process of purging and assimilation of these emotions and experiences. These revelations on the massage table come as a result of releasing trapped emotional energy in the body (suppressed or stored negative emotions.) This negatively charged, emotional energy can lead to blocks in your energetic body and blocked energy leads to physically manifested dysfunction in the body, such as chronic tissue tightness and many more serious dis-eases.

The Roots of the Problem

Many of these blocks can start early on in our childhood, with the negative or conflicting messages we receive and tuck away due to lack of permission to express ourselves honestly. Other kinds of traumatic events such as difficult relationships, any kind of abuse, loss of a loved one and physically induced traumas like auto accidents can also cause emotional energy to become trapped within our bodies . Over time, this creates a kind of armor in your energy field, blocking your natural flow of joy, abundance and peace, which is our natural state of being.  Releasing emotional energy in your body is necessary for your overall well-being and good health. Some clients are happy with the mere exchange of physical energies, purging the old stagnant and a infusing with new vibrancy, through the modality of massage. Others may wish to work further and deeper, clearing not only the stored cellular memory but to push forward into energetic clearing and coaching. Our clients’ comfort levels, desires and openness to this type of work are always respected.

Emotional Release & Mindful Life Coaching (Energy Work) w/Tara

BodyQuirks’ Tara Krupich, LMT, has studied many different modalities of massage, as well as energetic and emotional release. She has spent the last decade combining, refining and perfecting her bodywork, to incorporate this greater focus on trapped, stagnate or negative energy and its release. Her techniques for clearing, balancing and guiding you through the process of removing these emotional, energetic blocks is both researched and intuitive and Tara’s approach is always customized for the individual and their specific needs.

“Some people feel the blocks moving out right away, others don’t feel much at first. The end result though is that they feel better. As resistance moves out of your body, the  natural bi-products are going to be increased joy, heightened sensations, better health and greater abundance — it’s a good thing!”

Tara Krupich, LMT 

If you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation to explore what Emotional Release, Mindful Life Coaching and Energy Work can do for you, contact Tara at 503-781-2531 or [email protected].