Virtual Book Tour for Eldon Taylor’s Choices & Illusions (and a Review)

choices and illusionsA couple of months ago the folks over at InnerTalk, read our blog and liked it so much that they approached us to be a Blog Tour Host for launch of Eldon Taylor’s newly relaunched book (put out by Hay HouseChoices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, And How Do I Get Where I Want To Be?

Familiar with Taylor’s work and big believers in the power of our minds (that there is nothing that we cannot do or be if we put our mind to it) we gave them a resounding “Yes!”

In exchange, they sent us a copy of the book for our reading pleasure and we could choose to write whatever we liked as a stop on the book tour. There are a whole group of folks listed on the book tour site as virtual stops and we’re looking forward to what each one of them will be chatting about in regards to Taylor’s work. (We hope you’ll check the other sites out, too!) We’ve chosen for Tara to review the book, as Taylor’s work is in alignment with the work she does with clients in the realms of Emotional Release and Mindful Life Coaching.

Choices & Illusions: Revised, Expanded & Updated: A Review

Even for those of us who believe in the power of our minds and our thoughts, we run into roadblocks. These obstacles lead us to ask, “If it’s all within the power of my thoughts, why then don’t my thoughts work all the time?” Most of us have experienced putting our mind and energy toward something that we desire, whether it’s physical or emotional, and find that there are some things that never manifests.

In Eldon Taylor’s newly revised book, Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, And How Do I Get Where I Want To Be? he puts his years of expertise in the field of subliminal communication to work from both a scientific and metaphysical point of view.

In fact, as the book’s jacket says, “whether you are interested in the science of thinking and beliefs, how your own mind works, how others control your thoughts, why things just don’t work out in your life, how you can create the life you have always wanted, how you can realize your true potential, how you can find peace, or on a grander scale, how you can help make the world a better place, Choices and Illusions provides insights for all.”

Not a Rags-to-Riches Tale

But if you’re looking for your garden variety, get-rich-quick style self-help book, you’ve come to the wrong place, as Taylor says, “Many believe that self-help and self-improvement is about rags to riches, failure to success, and so forth, when indeed it is the beginning of a journey into self- discovery. Inside every human being is an eternal truth and a life purpose. Using our mind power is simply starting the engine on that journey of self-discovery and highest self-actualization.”

Following Taylor’s own journey into questions like these, allows us to experience his process and better understand his conclusions, as well as to reinforce many of the tools and teachings contained therein. But it will be in putting into practice these many tools and techniques explained in the book, in an effort to improve the overall quality of your own life, that will open the door to your highest potential.

The Tools to Create a Better Life

Taylor explains how the subconscious (the mind we are not really aware of) is the real decision maker in our worlds. He also explains in detail the way the mind works, how and by what your thoughts are controlled and the science of belief. Though these are heavy topics, he does it all in a light, fun way, illustrated with many stories and studies he has implemented himself and he even hands you the things you need to understand your thoughts and to help you create the life you wish to have.

Among the many gems I found in this book, that really resonated for me, was the quote he shared from a presentation at the Institute for Brain potential by Dr.Kateri McRae.

“The first, you absolutely can change. It turns out that you can change your personality, your IQ, your habits, and even physical aspects of your brain. You can increase gray matter and more. Second, and of utmost importance, you can only change what you believe you can change! Let me say that again: neuroscience, not some mumbo-jumbo lingo, but hard science based on actual observation, says that you can change only what you believe you can change! Remember that the next time you tell yourself something is impossible.”

My Experience with Eldon Taylor’s Work

The first time I heard that, my outlook on my world shifted. I knew it was true without a doubt. I had just never believed it before. It took questioning my belief systems and undoing my conditioning to finally break free. If we can remember that anything is possible, the next step is to question your old beliefs, the ones that do not or have not ever served you and to undo them.

I highly recommend Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, And How Do I Get Where I Want To Be? and Eldon Taylor’s work in general. This is a book that I feel can help to set you on the path to your freedom.

BONUS: This updated version includes a FREE InnerTalk program CD entitled Unlimited Personal Power. His InnerTalk programs are based on over 25 years of research and development and are designed to tap into your higher power and hardwire positive changes, I am including a link (though, full disclosure — I personally have not listened to them all yet.)





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