Low Back Pain, Kidney Issues and Stress


Last week we talked about low back pain and what it could mean to your kidneys and your overall health. This week we want to take it a step further and explore how your emotions affect your energetic profile and in turn how this can affect your body, specifically the low back, kidneys and your sense of well-being.

What Chinese Medicine Says

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Kidney system (which includes the adrenal glands–responsible for stress responses) is known as the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy. This is why it is referred to as the, “Root of Life.” The Kidney system is also paired with the bladder.

The adrenal glands job, sitting atop the kidneys, is to secrete a variety of hormones regulating metabolism, immunity, excretion, sexual potency and fertility. Your kidneys, as well as the large intestine, control the balance of fluids in the body and regulate PH balance.

Fear, Stress, and Your Kidneys

Every organ in Chinese medicine is also connected to psycho-emotional aspects, the kidneys’ main positive attribute is wisdom. Its main negative attribute is fear. Stress is usually a reaction to some sort of fear. Fear of not meeting a deadline, not having enough, not being enough etc.

When you’re experiencing fear, qi (pronounced chi) drops down toward the sacrum and the center of the body, the body then unconsciously contracts in on itself in protection. This reaction causes excess and stagnation in the core, withdrawing energy from the limbs and subsequently causes cold hands and feet.

Fear and stress both activate the adrenals, causing them to release large amounts of stress hormones. Hormones, that if prolonged,  can cause adrenal fatigue and leave us unable to deal effectively with our stressors.

How Emotional Release and Energy Work can help your Kidneys

We recently went over the energy lines, channels,  or meridians, that lie within our bodies  and support the organ systems. If a client comes in with kidney issues work in any of the related meridians (learn about our modalities) may be necessary. When these meridians are blocked or out of balance this brings dis-harmony to the related organ.

There are also points along the meridian lines that are extremely beneficial. Not everyone will have the same points, even of they come in with identical complaints. This is where a properly trained practitioner comes in. Energy work allows us to identify which points will work in your best interest, in our sessions. We also provide a guide to our clients to allow you to work these same points after the session, if needed.

Root Chakra Balance

The Root Chakra governs our kidneys, spinal column and nourishes our adrenals.
The root chakra is very powerful so of course, in any treatment of the kidney’s energetic system, we’re going to address the balance and alignment of this chakra. We find that it can also be helpful to work on root and 2nd chakra together, as they both involve the complete kidney system.

Emotional Issues that may be involved in Kidney Imbalance

Below are some issues that may indicate a kidney imbalance. Working on letting go of these emotional issues, can clear these energetic blocks and help the heal the state of your kidneys:

  • Holding on to negative emotional issues
  • Not letting go of the past
  • Lacking balance in your life
  • Problems in your interpersonal relationships

Remember that this life is a journey, we all make mistakes, have miscommunication, or things we’d rather forget. The key is — Don’t be afraid of your emotions. If these emotions feel bad to you, they generally do not belong to you. That ill at ease feeling is signaling you that you were out of alignment with your higher self. There is nothing to fix.

Think of your fear as just another waste product that the kidneys and bladder so efficiently flush out of your body. When you hold on to your negative emotions, they will become trapped inside, creating a blockage and ultimately cause dis-harmony and dis-ease.

Like we always say: “It’s best to let go or be dragged!”

Here is an example of a quick, simple kidney point you can work yourself, to calm stress and fear, strengthening the kidney channel:


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