Energy Work and You: Go Ahead Play with Fire



Ever have those days where things feel sluggish or icky, where you’re just plain tired of everything and maybe even everyone? Sometimes you’re feeling like you can’t catch a break or like your tired of having to fight so darn hard just to tread water? We wade through our day trying to pinpoint exactly what “it” is. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, maybe you just need a vacation, maybe it was the guy who cut you off in traffic or that email your mother sent but somehow you just don’t feel right and you want to use a little energy work to help you move out of the ick. Maybe what you need is to shake things up a bit, find the fight in you, figure out what needs to change and redirect your energies.

Maybe it’s time to play with a little fire.



Friction brings the heat

When you find yourself continually bumping up against things in your life (people and obstacles) life can begin to feel pretty frustrating, especially if you’ve chosen to be “nice” making yourself smaller in the face of stronger opinions or personalities. There’s a line in the soundtrack of the play/movie Into the Woods, “Nice is different than good.” Sondheim was on to something here — Nice usually means doing something differently than you feel in order to avoid some form of conflict. When you continue to make choices that are inauthentic to your being, you’ll find it very difficult to stay on your true path. 

In the clip below (from the same film), we can see what happens when someone confuses and internalizes the message that to be a good person is to be nice. Cinderella moves from being abused to a build-up of frustration that boils over for moment, getting her into trouble and reinforcing the loop she’s in to sublimate herself and “be nice.” That momentary passion is a turn towards the other end of the spectrum — rebellion. (You’ll see this explained in the clip from intuitive, Lee Harris further down.) Friction, as we all know causes heat. This is the fire we’re talking about.

What is playing with fire?

As we’ve explored here before on the blog, when something in our lives is incongruent or no longer serving us, this is when that out-of-sorts feeling will show up. We’re rubbing up against something we don’t want, even if we chose it, even if we’ve tried desperately to convince ourselves it is what we want or that it’s the smart choice. That friction brings with it the power to disrupt your life, to destroy whatever your building towards (sometimes it may need to be destroyed for clarity of your true path) or to ignite your fight or passion to propel yourself towards your true path or true happiness.

Fire is an element that can bring destruction (like the fires burning in eastern Oregon and Washington) but it can also nourish, sustain (as in cooking and heating our homes) and transform (like the phoenix rising from the ashes or turning sand into glass). It’s all in how you choose to use it or ignore it.

Like most things in our lives, this fire is here to teach us and it’s how we react to things heating up that helps define us, grow us and leads us to our true paths.Whatever your particular circumstance, it could mean, you’re embarking on a change, on a period of growth and the realization of your greater potential — that is, if you can find your way to remaining open to receiving all that the universe has in store for your well-being.

How to use fire to your advantage

In this clip that inspired our post here, intuitive, Lee Harris, explains how you can harness that fire and reclaim your destiny by relieving yourself of the heaviness or density of these choices that take us further from our authentic selves and our true purpose. It our hope that sharing this video will help you on your journey to a more mindful life.

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