A Peaceful Mind: Tips and Tricks to Get in Your “Right Mind”

Our Mind: Work-a-day Left versus the live-and-play Right

Continuing with our peaceful mind series, we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks to help you use a bit more of that right hemisphere but before we dive in, let’s briefly recap.

Two Hemispheres — One Consciousness
Our brains are divided into two hemispheres: the right hemisphere, where we access
our creativity, focus on the present and are sans ego these things lets us feel at peace with everything within and around us — the left brain on the other hand is where linear thinking, logic and past and future tenses live and is also the home for the “I” center of the brain.

As brain researcher and left hemispshere stroke survivor, Jill Bolte Taylor said on her interview with Charlie Rose that, “The most important insight is the differences between what is going on our left brain and our right brain and the benefits of both. So for me it’s really about balance now. How do we create balance with these two different magnificent machines inside of our head and how do we capitalize on the strengths of each.”

Though we all use both sides of our brain, for most people and because of societal conditioning, we have a tendency to be in our left brains more often. The linear and logic skills shored up in this hemisphere serve us well in our day-to-day survival, enabling us to find food and shelter and maintain safety but when exercised can lead to worry, stress, disquiet and focusing only on the past or the future, missing the beauty of the present moment and the ease and peace which that brings. To fully realize your potential for peace and creativity in your life, you must develop the right hand side of the brain, creating a more balanced way of thinking that will better serve you in all arenas of your life — including survival (as your problem-solving abilities will also be buoyed by the addition of creative thinking and being present).

To find out which hemisphere you are most reliant upon and subsequently what hemisphere you should most look towards developing in order to create balance, there are evaluative tests available to help you assess what type of thinker you are.

The reasons most of us are in our left brains far too much, is that our society is set up to develop primarily left brain activities from early on (reading,writing,arithmetic) It’s not hard to see that society thinks very little of right minded thinking when the arts and music are the first to go with school funding cuts. Sure, it makes sense since  any society would want to produce efficient little humans to run the place but we should all know by now that a peaceful, happy person if far more effective and productive than an unhappy stressed one.

Here are some of our tips on attaining a more peaceful mind:

1) Be kind to yourself. You are whole and perfect, any doubts about your perfect state
are coming from your ego, which is not who you are.
2) Remember who you are
3) You are the creator of your experience.
4) You have to be a vibrational match to what you want to manifest or experience.
Love based thought are high in vibration and they include, appreciation, gratitude, trust,
joy and oneness. Fear based thoughts or emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, judgement and so on are low vibration.
5) Creation comes only from within, what you see in the world is simply the product of
what someone has thought over and over. If you don’t like was you see don’t give your
attention to it, what you pay attention to becomes part of your vibration. Create how you
want your world to be and stick with it.
6) Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing it has nothing to do with you
7) Meditation- There are so many modalities of meditation that it can be overwhelming
(how ironic) We define meditation as simply quieting your mind, even if it is just for 5
minutes. Engaging in an activity at least once a day that gets you out of your logical
mind is a great place to start. If you are feeling happy and time is flying by you are in
meditation. What is it for you? Art, walking, petting you four legged friend?

My favorite guided meditation (I listen to it every night) Is Getting into the Vortex-
Guided Meditations by Esther and Jerry Hicks
. It is designed to align you with your
source energy, which is everything whole, perfect, joyful and abundant. There are four 15 min meditations and a brilliantly designed users guide, I recommend that you read it.

This, we believe is your foundation for a peaceful mind

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