Cleansing Week One: UltraMetabolism

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We’ve talked about the benefits of cleansing and you’re all revved up and ready to go, but there are loads of cleanses out there — how do you choose? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, we are doing a modified version of Ultra Metabolism, The UltraSimple Diet which lasts 7days. A simple and relatively easy cleanse based on eliminating inflammatory foods and integrating those that reduce inflammation. Though we chose Ultra Metabolism, created by Mark Hyman, M.D., most any cleanse that advocates for reduction in inflammatory foods and an uptake in whole foods will accomplish the same task.

Be sure to look out for those “Get thin quick,” fads that utilize unhealthy means of “flushing,” your system. Instead look for those that help you to create lifelong and sustainable change in your overall health and eating habits. Remember, a cleanse is merely a starting point, a place in which to reset your body and then continue supporting it properly afterward.

A False Start

Four days into eliminating inflammatory foods, Aunt Guadalupe arrived from Mexico, lavishing us with a variety of delicious (and inflammatory) foods for 3 days. When Aunt Guadalupe is around, you do not turn down food — you just eat less than the rest of the family. We did enjoy the delicious tortillas, cheese, enchiladas and more that she showered us with but once she was safely headed back home, we had to get back to business.

Note: If, like us, you begin your cleanse and have a false start, that does not mean all is lost. Just get back on that horse and ride. Good health awaits!

Back at ground zero, we started eliminating our inflammatory foods again and increasing all those whole foods that are calming to the digestive tract, rich in fiber, minerals and nutrients.  But, as with any cleanse, when toxins get stirred up, beginning their journey to leave the body, the process can leave you feeling a bit off-kilter. We recommend giving the members of your household a little extra space, since one can tend to get a bit grumpy during this phase.

We have also noticed that we’re sleeping a lot and experiencing various body aches and pains, all of which are normal when completing a cleanse. Once you start purging the toxins that have accumulated in your joints, muscles and even individual cells, things can feel a bit achy, spacey, tired and just plain off for a little while (the “icky phase.”) But fear not, the icky is temporary and the health benefits are lasting.

To aid you in this process, adequate hydration is critical, drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is preferable (e.g. if you weigh 140 you should drink approximately 70 ounces of water a day.) Magnesium resplendent Epsom salt baths (to soothe sore muscles and improve sleep quality), massage, stretching and yoga all help your body to “milk” the toxins from your muscles, expediting the process and aiding you in moving quickly out of the “icky phase.”

Happy Cleansing!

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