Inhibited movement post injury? Part 2 Adhesions

We’ve talked about injuries and how they can cause trauma and subsequently scar tissue formation post accident. And as wonderful as scar tissue is at healing the body well and allowing it to perform, near pre-injury levels, due in part to its ability to lie down in a direction that moves with the body, adhesions do just the opposite — they impede performance.
Adhesion formation occurs after trauma to the tissues, and is caused by an inflammatory response to tissue damage. As the body’s tissues heal and adhesions are formed, the tissues begin to shrink and pull, which results in restricted movement of the area. This ‘pull’ creates more mechanical irritation, often perpetuating the cycle of adhesion formation. And adhesions have a tendency to form after surgery as well, they often commonly appear post-abdominal surgery (like after a C-section or appendectomy.)
One reason for the recurrent nature of the problem is that adhesions tend to persist long after the original trauma has healed. In fact, the body does not have a natural remedy – nor does it have any way to decrease adhesions once they have formed. Once they form, adhesions may bind together organs, nerves, muscles, and other neighboring structures in a strong, glue-like straight-jacket, with a strength approaching 2,000 pounds per square inch.
Adhesions are composed of thousands of tiny strands of collagen, made strong by binding together like a rope or a cloth, made of thousands of individual fibers. It has been determined that the chemical bonds that attach each of the tiny collagen fibers to its neighbor appeared to dissipate or dissolve when placed under sustained pressure over time. In effect, by applying massage and pressure you can break the inefficient bonds and allow them to lay down in a more organized fashion.
Below is an example of a method of massage that helps with adhesion removal, they are a bit extreme, but it gives you an idea that each person can help themselves by working the tissue.
One of our clients worked her tissue, after breast reduction surgery and managed to avoid the formation of adhesions that often accompany such traumatic surgeries.  She consulted with her doctor to determine when she could start working on the wounds, and although it was painful she did the work and the reward was that she has tiny little scars, but no adhesions!
Anyone can work tissue and assist it to heal better. Here is Larry Wurn  Co-Author of “Miracle Moms: Better Sex, Less Pain” talks about Clear Passage Therapies Natural Adhesion Removal process.

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