Sinus relief through Hand Reflexology

If you’re a sinus sufferer you may be finding that the cold weather and wind is doing a number on your sinuses. While there are many points you can work on the feet using foot reflexology to find relief from sinus pain — not everyone is flexible enough to be able to reach their own feet and they may not have a willing partner to poke around. This is why our handy (pun intended) guide to Hand Reflexology can help you swipe away those pesky sinus issues.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology uses applied pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears that correspond to different energetic zones or meridians in order to provide relief. Many reflexologists believe these meridians work in concert with one another to provide energetic balance and improve overall health and the ways in which these systems work together, for example on the foot the tips of your toes can help provide relief for your sinuses but those same toe tips correspond to your ears and brain. When a reflexology practitioner or YOU use your thumb or fingers to apply a firm appropriate pressure to the area that corresponds with your complaint, you help create energetic balance which means your body is functioning more optimally and you find relief as a result.

Although reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure health issues it can assist you in feeling better. Reflexology like acupuncture can be used on points all over the body and there are charts available for all of these parts and their corresponding systems. For those applying self-reflexology it is easiest and best to use the hands or feet as your entryway into reflexology.


Hand Reflexology Chart

Like the feet, the hands hold reflex points for all the parts of your body and are easily accessible. Above is a chart of the reflex points as they are located in your hands. As you can see the sinuses are located in all of the fingers, not including the thumb, and are easy to find.


Before you massage the sinus points it is a good idea to clear the path for lymphatic fluids to drain properly, setting the stage for maximum relief. Gently massage both the back of your hand and the palm by using your index finger and thumb in inching motions, starting at the base of the fingers and going all the way to the wrist, this will get your lymph flowing and make room for better results when you do your fingers.

Using your thumb and index finger “walk” down the side of each finger by inching down the fingers, starting at the tip, do this 3 times on each finger and do both hands. The thumb really doesn’t have a sinus point, but it is important to do anyway, to help with lymphatic drainage, so go ahead and do it too, especially if you have sinus type headache.

Watch our blog in the coming weeks for a full “hands-on” video tutorial on working these sinus points.

Happy breathing!


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