Creating Balance in Your Life and Mind

Balance Each day we strive to help our clients feel their optimum by realigning their minds, bodies and spirits through massage, energy work, whole body vibration (WBV), far infrared sauna treatments, and our soothing Japanese foot bath. That’s why we’ve put so much focus on making our space here at BodyQuirks a place of relaxation and rejuvenation – a sanctuary from the bombardment of regular life.

And it’s working.

In fact, our clients are always telling us how centered, relaxed, or more at peace they feel after their sessions. But for too many, that little piece of bliss begins to evaporate soon after they leave our office, usually in the face of an over-scheduled modern life.

Take peace of mind home with you

Though massage can help affect a person’s overall sense of well-being and their state of mind and our WBV machines are a great facilitator in aligning our client’s energy bodies, effectively unblocking and shifting chi or vibrational energy and releasing old stuck emotions, these are not things most of us have access to at home.

This is why Tara specializes in Mindful Life Coaching, because in working with clients in the physical each day, she’s also witnessed the effects of stuck and painful energy being lugged around by many. When you see Tara, she’s often reinforcing energetic concepts with all clients, not just those who see her for energy work. As Tara’s favorite mantra goes: “resistance is persistence.”

And while all that reinforcement and bliss are wonderful when you’re here — we don’t like to think that the only place our clients can feel that way is in our space or presence. That’s why we came up with some things you can do in your regular, everyday life to preemptively work toward achieving a state of inner calm and clarity.



Top Tips for staying centered in the real world

Remember, our natural state is joy. If you are not feeling joyful, or at least contentment, you may want to examine your life and try to identify what is out of balance. Here are some easy techniques you can apply to your life in order to achieve balance and stay centered throughout your day.


  • Treat your body right: Although it may seem counterintuitive, the first thing you want to focus on when working on your mental state is your body. Changing the outlook of one’s own mind can be a bit tricky; it may take a while before you see real change. That’s why you want to do everything you can in other arenas to give yourself a solid foundation on which to build, because, as we all know, how you treat your body profoundly affects your mind. The four cornerstones you want to look at here are diet, exercise, sleep and water. Just by ensuring your body is shored up in these key areas you will establish a better starting point from which to begin.


  • Feed your spirit: In our pursuit of mind, we can sometimes neglect our soul or spirit. Take a few minutes to jot down the activities that recalibrate you when you’re feeling out of balance. Is it time with family, a walk in nature, a hot bath, time immersed in your favorite hobby or craft? Whatever it is, make sure that you set some time aside each week to replenish your spirit and remember who you are. Time spent doing something you truly love can really help you de-stress and get centered.


  • Examine your environment: You don’t have to be a Feng Shui expert to know that our environment affects how we feel. We spend so much time at home, shouldn’t it feel like a sanctuary? And what about that cubicle? Could a small plant or a couple of pictures of your family or a pet make it more conducive to a relaxed mind? Take some time to examine which things in your environment make you feel good and which things detract from your sense of well-being — then, make the appropriate adjustments.


  • Consider the information you are taking in: Never have human beings had so much unlimited access to information. Hours can easily be sucked away reading articles and watching videos online. But along with all the possibility the internet brings also comes great responsibility. It’s important to consider how the news and other information we take in colors our day and our mind. It’s easy to lose sight of what is essential information that enriches our lives and what weighs us down and burdens our heart.


Get Your Mind Right


Now that you’ve applied all of the above (wink, wink) and you’re taking good care of your body, feeding your spirit, living in an environment makes you feel good, and absorbing only the information that truly enriches your life, you can begin to specifically focus on your mind.


  • Meditate: A lot of people avoid meditation because they look at it as one more activity to add to their list. Maybe they think they have to join a meditation group or buy a bunch of books or special meditation clothes. The truth is that even a little meditation helps. Taking a moment to stop down in your day and breathe deeply, even for increments of just a couple of minutes, can recharge your mind for hours.


  • Focus on what you want not what you don’t want: Rather than spend your time living in fear of what you don’t want to happen, focus all your energy on what you do. Reframe thoughts so that you are for something rather than against something (for peace, rather than against war, for example). Don’t lament how you wish the world is, go out and do what you can to make it how you want, even if it’s on a small level. Be that change you wish to see.


  • Use positive affirmation: This is a great way to rewire your neural network, essentially reprogramming your brain for positive thought, rather than negative thought. Every morning before you start your day, write down how you want your day to flow. If you need to get something done that day, state that as well, but without micromanaging a plan (that can pull you out of the joy). Example: “I (state your name) am in perfect alignment with my love, joy and peace today. I hear clearly, my highest wisdom and trust it completely. Everything I want to accomplish today is done with ease and perfection. All is well.”


  • Change your perception: Remember, you can’t really get it wrong. Mistakes are a gift to fine tune what you do want. Thank them and move on to what feels better, lighter. Any given situation has multiple ways of looking at it. Even circumstances that most people would consider negative have a way to be looked at that reveals something positive. Use your “resistance is persistence” training here by accepting and going with the flow. Judging or feeling sorry for yourself, or anyone else, drains your power and lowers your energy. Turn that negative thought around the minute it enters your mind, find one positive aspect about the situation and drop the rest. With practice you’ll be free-flowing and clog-free before you know it.


  • Take your power back by focusing on yourself: Sometimes it’s other people’s energy that can drag us down. The more you give them, the more they’ll take from you. In some situations we can simply remove ourselves from the presence of negative people, but we don’t always have that choice. When you are faced with being around a negative person, focus on yourself. By not caring about what they think, you can stay focused on your own path and retain your centered mind.


BodyQuirks’ Tara Krupich, LMT, has studied many different modalities of massage, as well as energetic and emotional release. She has spent the last decade combining, refining and perfecting her bodywork, to incorporate this greater focus on trapped, stagnate or negative energy and its release. Her techniques for clearing, balancing and guiding you through the process of removing these emotional, energetic blocks is both researched and intuitive and Tara’s approach is always customized for the individual and their specific needs.


If you have questions or would like to schedule a free 15 minute energy tune-up, contact Tara at 503-781-2531 or

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