Sweat it Out: Far Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss & Detox

sweat for your health far infrared saunas

In this segment from the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz and Oprah explore the world of far infrared saunas for their weight loss, detoxification, and longevity benefits.

Known for its deep penetrative heat and superior detoxification properties, far infrared saunas have long been used to relieve pain and stress and to treat a variety of health issues including fibromyalgia, heavy metal poisoning, rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other maladies.

Far infrared saunas have also been shown to enhance immunity and improve cardiovascular conditioning. It’s also a really deliciously warm and relaxing way to care for yourself.

If you’d like to give the 700 calorie burn of a far infrared sauna a try, call us today at (503) 233-9030 to schedule your session.

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