Warming Socks: Hydrotherapy for Cold, Flu and Sinus Issues

Warming socks for toasty toes and easy breathing

In our last post, we spoke about sinus infections and holistic treatments to help relieve the pain and pressure. We also shared some hydrotherapy tips in the form of alternating hot and cold packs but we told you we had another form of hydrotherapy yet to share. This form is extremely helpful for encouraging sinus and lymphatic drainage whether it’s during a bout of cold or flu a sinus infection or just the height of allergy season, this form of hydrotherapy can help you get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling better the next day.

It’s called warming socks and they are often prescribed by those in the naturopathic and holistic community because of their efficacy in increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage from the top of the heads down towards the tips of your toes.

Your lymphatic system (from your head to your toes!)

Warming socks have been proven to decrease symptoms of sinus congestion, headache, sensation of fullness in the ears, stuffy or runny nose, cough and other common symptoms of illness. It also helps you to sleep better while you’re wearing the warming socks, which when paired with the lymphatic drainage can improve your overall immune system and well-being.

Natural remedies and woolen socks: a sinus' best friend

Warming Socks Treatment

While warming socks feel comforting and cozy once you are in bed, when you first apply them, there can be some mild discomfort.

NOTE:Remember to do this right before you go to bed. You do not want to be up and moving around the house, as this will negate the action and benefits of warming socks.

  1. Run very warm, nearly hot water in the bath tub (as warm as you can stand) and soak your feet in the tub as long as you can stand it (your feet should be hot and pink–but do not scald them.)
  2. At the same time you are soaking your feet, soak a pair of thin cotton socks in cold water, in your sink.
  3. When you feel your feet are warmed enough, wring all excess water out of the socks and pull wet socks onto your feet. (This will only be uncomfortable for less than a minute.)
  4. Pull a thick pair of (wool preferably or cotton) socks (these need to be made of breathable material) over the wet cotton socks.
  5. Climb into bed and get under the covers, making sure your feet are covered. Sleep with socks on overnight.

In the morning, your socks will be dry. Throughout the night, your body will have done the work to heat and dry the socks, improving your circulation and along with it pulled the congestion from your head and chest and drained your lymph nodes in the process.

By using this treatment for at least three consecutive nights, you’ll find it reduces the length and severity of your sinus symptoms. Try it in conjunction with some of the other holistic treatments we mentioned for a 1-2 punch!

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