Energy Work and the Aura: Four Tips to Clearing your Energetic Space

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We’ve all heard about auras. But usually what the average person has seen or heard about auras and energy work has a lot more to do with magnified Hollywood portrayals of new agey crackpots or overused come-on lines.  The reality of what auras are, do, and show is much less woo-woo and much more scientific than you may realize.

The Science of Auras

While there are many different interpretations of what exactly auras are, former research scientist for NASA, atmospheric physicist and psychotherapist, Barbara Brennan, seems to have used her unique skill set to our advantage and proven (through 20 years of study) the existence of a multi-level human energy field — the aura.

Brennan is also the founder of the Barbara Brennan school of healing, a pioneer in the field of energy consciousness, and the author of many books, one of which is a guide to healing through the human energy field called, Hands of Light. This book and her other works are amazingly in-depth and perhaps even too much so for those who are interested simply in knowing how to work with their own energy bodies but if you’re interested in the scientific evidence of how and why auras exist and work — I highly recommend them.

Brennan mentored under UCLA Human Energies Lab’s well-respected clairvoyant and trained engineer, Rosalyn Bruyere,  who was a part of the eight-year long research on the human electromagnetic field conducted at UCLA that showed that as aura colors changed, changes occurred in the electromagnetic wavelengths of the chakras (measured by an EMG.) These EMG changes were simultaneous with the color changes, and they corresponded perfectly with the wavelength of the new color in the aura (every color has its own unique wavelength.)

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Auras (or Human Energy Field) Explained

While we can now get down to the nitty-gritty of the science behind auras, for use in practical application, I love the method of another energetic pioneer, Donna Eden, whose straight-forward, light-hearted approach to energy bodies and how to use them, in her book titled Energy Medicine, is on my list of favorites.

Here is Donna Eden’s description of aura from her website, Eden Energy Medicine, these definitions have been simplified in some instances in consideration of space. Please visit Ms. Eden’s website for a more detailed explanation and drawings.


  • Diseases of the body are reflected in the aura and can be accurately diagnosed by those who can sense, see, or test subtle energy.  Illness can, in fact, be recognized in the aura before it manifests in the body, allowing for accurate predictions and early intervention.
  • The colors and shape of the aura are continually changing, influenced by not only physical health, but also emotions, relationships, the activity of the moment, the outer environment, etc.

People who can see subtle energy report two constellations of aura energy:

  • Nested Auric Fields (like Russian dolls) that surround the entire body
  • Concentric Chakra Bands or disks that circle the body at each chakra.


  • The aura protects you from the physical, emotional, and psychic energies of your environment by screening harmful energies (it acts as a space suit or lightening rod).
  • The aura connects you to nourishing energies in your environment (it acts as an antenna or bridge).
  • The aura then bridges these energies to the chakras and other energy centers (which further process them, often resulting in nerve, hormonal, vascular, and other activity in the physical body).
  • The aura sends signals into your environment that communicate information about you and that attract specific types of energy to you.
  • The aura holds a set of interrelated fields that are the blueprints for your physical body, your emotions, your awareness, your relationships, and your development.


Four Steps: A Simple Way to Clear Your Energy Field

To get you started on your on path to energy healing, here is a wonderfully simplistic way to own your space and keep a clean strong aura and energy body. If you’d like more tips on clearing your energy and space please read the Immunity Boost for Empaths blog here on the BQ Blog.


It’s hard to see your own stuff. Bodywork and emotional/energetic clearing will bring to your awareness to where you are holding resistance in your “bodies” as well as reminding you of how good you feel when you’re free from the stress (resistance) you are holding.

Clearing and protecting your energy body is important — it is also easier to learn and do yourself, if you have an energetic coach or empath guiding you through the process. Since the process is very personalized, I cannot hand you a “one-size-fits-all,” solution but stay tuned — at the end of this post, there’s an offer that will help get you started.


Nothing clogs up your energy and throws you out of alignment faster when you’re not loving and being your beautiful, perfect authentic self.


Negative thoughts are there to remind you that you’re getting out of alignment with your perfect oneness. Thank them for the reminder and think about what you do want — don’t focus on what you don’t want. You may have to do this several thousand times a day at first. It’s OK, keep calm and carry on.


Lighten up — this is really powerful and all we have to do, really. It puts us in a very high vibration and that is our best protection and strength ever.

Because we love to see people’s bodies and minds in alignment and in harmony with their energetic selves,  we’d like to offer every blog reader something to get started.

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