Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Portland!

We’re always talking about balance, here at Bodyquirks. Balance in your physical being and in your life. To that end, we’ve decided to institute a little balance around here for the holidays.

Since the holidays can be a stressful time for many (see our blogs on minimizing stress and keeping well this winter) and we understand if you just don’t have the time to get around to reading our blog. In fact, we’re going to give you (and us) a pass by taking a winter break from blogging. We hope you’ll streamline your holiday season as well, focusing on good health and time with friends and family.

Light up the night and celebrate!

We’ll be back again in the New Year with a a continuation of our Parts is Parts Series on the body and a bevy of  helpful tips to keep you healthy, limber and relaxed in 2011.

We wish you and yours a happy, safe and fun holiday season. See you in the New Year!

Esther and Tara

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