EMF and Your Health

Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) or Radiation (EMR) is a concern for many, worldwide these days, especially with the increased proliferation of  these frequencies (through cell phone and computer usage) in addition to more traditional forms like televisions, microwaves, hair dryers and other electrical appliances and their residual radiation output.

No longer is this a debatable subject as global studies and experts, including information from the the EPA and the CDC substantiate the dangers of EMF exposure.

The BioInitiative Report, published in 2007 by an international working group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals concluded that the existing standards for public safety are inadequate in protecting human health. The report shows that EMF and EMR exposure can:

  • Affect gene and protein expression
  • Damage DNA
  • Induce stress response
  • Decrease immune function
  • Affect Neurology and behavior
  • Cause childhood cancers  like Leukemia
  • Impact melatonin production (a chemical that affects biorhythms and sleep patterns)
  • Promote breast cancer

So what can you do to limit and decrease your health risk?

Here are some tips from Dr. Mercola’s Website

There are also products that have been designed specifically to harmonize the bandwidth used by phones and other electrical equipment.

Tara and Esther started researching EMF reduction products to help Tara deal with the pain she felt every time she used her cell phone. We had heard of an earpiece that was different from others, in that it had an echo chamber in the last 2 inches so that you were not introducing into your ear a piece of metal carrying microwave radiation. We found the product at a wellness fair, and discovered that the company that made it had also come up with other products, specifically designed to protect us from EMF’s. We have been using and selling these Gia Wellness products for at least 5 years.

Since we started using the products, Tara has eliminated ear and neck pain related to cell phone use by using their gia cell chip which is attached directly to your phone. We also use some other products,  especially on our televisions, computers and other portable devises. Visit our EMF product website, if you’d like more information on these products for these products.

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