Yummy Life — How to Change Your Life: Part 1 From Meh to HELL Yeah!

Centering BQ
Kwan Yin’s attributes are those of compassion, healing, centering.

Are you one of those people who made a list of inspired aspirations in December for the new year and now it’s February and you’re already feeling stressed out, bummed out, burned out and left with the nagging feeling that maybe somebody else wrote your list? Well, I have one thing to say to you:

Permission to burn it!

Why burn your new year’s resolutions list? Because if you’re already feeling like this in February, you have a long and dispiriting year ahead of you and because the list you made is obviously too incongruent with who and where you are in your life right now. Most of us make self-improvement lists or resolutions at the beginning of a new year with no real regard for how we’ll get there. These lists are perfect-world-hyper-idealistic versions of who we wish we were with little to no respect or acceptance for who we are right now. In short — they’re not usually very realistic. And for real change to happen and to last  — we have to first GET REAL with ourselves.

The other problem with new year’s resolutions is that we don’t let them come to fruition naturally on their own timeline for change, which means there is often no real passion behind them, this is why they end up feeling more like a punishment or a to-do list of chores — and when was the last time you felt inspired by one of those?

Changing Your Life — Take 2: Starting Over

In order to get to a more effective, passionate way to rock your life in 2015, let’s start over with clear intentions made by listening to your inner voice or internal compass. In this series, that we like to call “The Yummy Life,” we’ll be exploring how to get you the Yummy Life you desire, the one that truly serves the authentic YOU. You’ll learn how to:

1) Own your own space by clearing out anyone else’s beliefs from your mind/body/energy systems
2) Create rockin’ boundaries
3) Fine tune your wish list and stay focused on what really matters to you
4) Remain open, present, and aware to receiving your bounty

Clearing Your Space to Create Your Authentic Life

Before we get started on clearing your energetic space of others’ beliefs and expectations for your life, I’d like to take a moment to give you a brief reminder on the current shift in consciousness. Please watch this clip of Jim Self, as he speaks on The Shift and Fourth Dimension Consciousness, before moving on to your next steps for energy clearing and centering.

We love listening to Jim speak as he reminds us all that our connection to ourself and source is unending and essential for our happiness, joy, and peace and that we are always safe on the path we’ve chosen. In fact, when we open up source first, it brings us so much clarity and peace the we can often find ourselves rethinking and adjusting our list of desires to come into greater alignment with our authentic self and our true path, effortlessly.

Recommended Steps for Clearing and Centering

Step 1

One of the best first steps you can take to burn that list (besides actually, physically burning that list — or deleting your electronic file) is to clean out all the old expectations, ideas and baggage left from both your experiences and the experiences foisted upon you from others. While we’ve created a few DIY resources here on the blog for you to explore and use as you see fit, the best first step is to have a professional help you clear your energy field and assist you in tuning up and in to your own inner voice.

If you’d like to get clear on your intentions and move forward into your new year on a more authentic path, give me (Tara) a call to set up an Energetic Tune-up and I can help you sweep out the old energy (as the Chinese do symbolically for Chinese New Year) and usher in a more centered, real, and present you.

Step 2

The second step on your journey to authenticity, peace, and prosperity in your life is to center yourself in your own head — to push out any outside thoughts, judgment or expectations to reconnect to your center and re-engage with the seat of your thoughts, by getting in touch with your authentic self. 

Again, Jim offers some really great tools for this process and he does so for FREE in his 8-part audio series, which takes you step-by-step through exercises that will help you reconnect with your center and your awareness. I highly recommend you take advantage of these exercises and begin by listening to Part 1 Center of the Head, The Rose.

I hope that this reaches all of those who are in need and are ready for these tools and that you can begin to come into alignment with your true callings and a more centered sense of self. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Yummy Life Series, Setting Your Rockin’ Boundaries.

Remember, if you need guidance or if this is new to you, feel free to call me at (503) 781-2531 for a FREE initial energetic assessment. 

Wishing you a Yummy Life!



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