Injury, Accidents, Trauma and Reflexology: How your feet can help your body

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Massage can sometimes be difficult for a patient with a fresh injury or with high intensity pain levels. As massage therapists, we have to make sure to have a variety of tools at our disposal allowing us to adapt our techniques and therapies to our patient’s individual needs. This is one reason you won’t find a massage menu, like those offered at most spas, at our office. We prefer to give our clients the very best in personalized treatments designed specifically for each client’s ever-shifting needs.  Reflexology is one of the many tools that we offer.

A Reflexology Success Story

Back when massage therapist, Tara Krupich used to work with chiropractors helping MVA (motor vehicle accident) clients she had one client in particular whose story stuck with her.  This man was in his mid-to-late seventies and had been in special ops in the war. He often regaled her with unbelievable true stories of his time in the military.

The accident that brought him to treatment was no exception.

This man had been driving 65mph on the freeway in his Mustang when, out of nowhere, a car came rushing across the median ditch and t-boned him at high speed. Being 60 miles from home, while the other driver fled the scene and with no one else around to help, his practical military training kicked in. He wrapped his neck with a sweater to support it. He said, “It was hanging funny,” and he couldn’t keep his head up on his own. He then drove home, eventually going to see his doctor.


Reflexology uses certain points on the feet that correlate to certain systems of the body

By the time he came to see Tara, his whole body was so overly sensitive, due to the trauma and intense pain levels, that she could not touch anything on his body but his feet. Having studied reflexology, Tara carefully worked his neck, shoulder and back — all without ever touching anything other than his feet. The man began to relax his neck and shoulder area as she worked, all because of the pressure points she was working on his feet. The results were amazing, in time he regained normal body balance and function.

Since that experience, Tara has applied reflexology on most of her clients in conjunction with other modalities to create a plan customized to each client’s body type, needs and pain levels.

If you’d like to experience what Reflexology can do for you, schedule an appointment today.

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