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The brain, your life’s central manifestor




If you think you are so enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents. -Ram Dass

For the past few posts, as part of our Peaceful Mind Series, we’ve been talking about creating a mind (and body!) that are more at peace and getting more into our “right minds,” where there is no stress is minimized and calm, creative beautiful bliss lingers in the present moment.

But what happens when you come out of your own special “lala-land,” and have to go back to work, engaging your left brain and perhaps triggering all your fear-based thoughts and old baggage you lug around? Well, you forget about that peaceful state, which outside of survival situations, should be our natural state. We again become entrenched in your “I,” or ego-centered brain.

Spring’s Luscious Bounty

We need our left brain to function in this world, of course, but we need to have a balance of left and right brain thinking. Since our right side is not the type to carry baggage or get caught up in sweating the small stuff, let’s do a little spring left brain cleaning.
Every good gardener knows that to reap a bountiful luscious crop you must have rich fertile soil, free of weeds and debris.

In this analogy, the bountiful luscious crop is everything in your life, the soil is your mind. If you have not heard of the concept of the law of attraction, a brief description is just the concept that like energy attracts like energy. Since everything is made of particles of energy, including your thoughts, those thoughts then manifest themselves as byproducts, of the negative or positive energy, you are generating or focusing on.

The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself

—Franklin Delano Roosevelt

This means, quite literally, that what you think is what you will manifest into your life. The other secret is, that the universe can only you what you are a vibrational match to because like energies are attracted to one another. Remember, anything coming from fear is a low vibration, anything coming from love is high in vibration.

Simple concept, but if you, like me, have tried this before without the desired results, it is possibly because your busy left brain is accumulating rocks (fear-based thoughts) Not only that, but most of our accumulated fear-based thoughts and beliefs are subconscious.

They will pop up when someone or something triggers them. If you think about it, this has happened to you many times, for example, you are sitting around minding your own business, perhaps even vibrating quite nicely thank-you, when someone says something quite innocent that no one else is offended by but it really sets you off. Another universal example is how our own parents trigger the hell out of us while our friends’ parents, behaving in a similar manner, are adorable.

We have tucked a lot of things away from childhood even if we came from a loving home, therefore those who raised us in our formative years would trigger us more.

Just because we may have old pent up beliefs does not mean we have to go looking for them. We can just address what is right in front of us. Never judge why or resist it, does not matter what it is, if it bothers you it’s in you. An example of this might be that friend  that keeps bringing in that exact same dysfunctional girlfriend/boyfriend into their life. Different person, same dysfunction. Until you fix what it is in you, you will continue to bring that same person into your life.

There are many different ways to go about releasing old fears and belief systems. If you came to me to work on this, I would first do a energy scan and clearing, you can read about a typical first session in our section on guided life coaching. This helps me determine where you are holding resistance in and around your body. I then use a combination
of energy clearing, self awareness tools and body work to help you release old blocks, in the form of resistance, in your body.

To learn more about this method or to experience this kind of  release and emotional recentering call Tara, today to schedule a session at 503-781-2531.

Don’t miss next blog where we will talk about how cranio-sacral therapy can help you access and release emotional blocks and more tips and tricks to prepare your mind for your bountiful luscious crop.

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