If you’re having trouble exercising or engaging muscles because of a spinal injury or surgery, Whole Body Vibration may help! Vibe Plate, makers of vertical WBV machines, believe WBV is a great way to rehabilitate the body, specifically the spine. “When you add Whole Body Vibration to physical therapy, you can improve […]

Vibration Therapy for Spinal Injuries

Join best-selling mental health author Julie A. Fast for an evening of information, restoration, and rejuvenation for the mind and body. As the days get shorter and darkness descends here in Portland, it’s easy to get caught up in the winter blues. Lethargy, feeling of hopeless or worry that life is […]

An Evening with Julie A. Fast: Four Strategies to Shake ...

What’s all the hype around vibration technology in the fitness world? Does it work? There are so many claims, it must be too good to be true! While some claims are hype, there are many studies proving that Whole Body Vibration works. We’ve also had the privilege of seeing our […]

Does Whole Body Vibration Really Work?