Balance Matters!

Dr Judith Boothby, DC will be offering free balance assessments at BodyQuirks between 1 and 3 pm on Wednesday October 26th. The balance board with Panera software measures balance and sway, calculates your balance age and predicts fall risk. Find out how good your balance is! Please call 503-233-9030 to […]

Guided Meditation and Singing Bowls by Debra Shaffer

Join Debra Shaffer for an hour of guided meditation and singing bowls with the intention of opening up to a deeper connection to the earth and your body/heart/self. Debra has been doing a practice of energy work and guided meditation with groups and individuals for over 30 years. The concert […]

Vertical WBV at its Gentlest!

We’ve recently purchased a new vertical machine called the Gentle 500. Nicknamed the Indie 500, this little machine vibrates your feet and calves intensely, yet gently targets the pelvic floor and higher, making it ideal for more sensitive people or people who have a lot of feet and leg issues. Affordable (at $500), effective, […]



Thyroid Health: What You Can Do To Help Your Body

The health of your thyroid and the hormones it makes are both necessary for all of the cells in your body to work normally. Your thyroid is responsible for breathing, metabolism, heart rate, central and peripheral nervous systems, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, cholesterol levels and more, according […]

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Shantara Sandberg

Shantara has witnessed profound transformations in people through her offerings of sound and vibrational healing. She is a Reiki Master, and a trained Tibetan Bowl sound healer, offering private sessions that reflect a fusion of traditional and modern healing approaches. DATE: Saturday August 13 TIME: 5:15pm – 6:15pm PLACE: BodyQuirks […]