Shift Happens: The New Consciousness Shift and You

By Tara Krupich, L.M.T, Mindful Life Coach

Shift happens . . .and happens . . . the world is always turning and we are always changing, evolving in our collective consciousness.

vibrationOh Shift! Now, I’ve Done it . . .

Lately, I’ve had a few reminders of the shift and what can happen if you’re not in alignment — not just your body but with your own spiritual self as well.

First, I needed to work on a blog post, but the topic I was trying to do just wasn’t inspiring me, which meant the work felt grueling. But instead of simply changing the topic of the blog and moving on to something that I did feel inspired for, I continued to beat my head against a wall with it, leaving me feeling stuck and frustrated.

During this same time, I noticed that most of my clients were coming to me in need of more subtle emotional/energetic work rather than physical, structural body work. Instead of asking my clients if they were open to having this very necessary energetic and emotional work done, I ignored my instincts for weeks now, plowing ahead with some of the powerful new bodywork techniques I learned recently.

Then last week, I sliced my ring finger open pretty good. The ring finger, in palmistry,   represents emotional expression and creativity. (You’ll find that palmistry, like acupressure and acupuncture can relate to both your physical and spiritual worlds.)
The cut was deep, so deep it could not be ignored and though I was patched up and went to work, I felt very compromised. I wondered what could I possibly do that might feel helpful to my clients today?

Listening to Your Own Voice

Turns out, I not only had a wonderfully productive day with my clients, facilitating their emotional release and subtle energy alignment, it was a great reminder to me (as I hope this post will be for you) that if you’re not feeling inspired with something it’s either not for you or you’re not in alignment with it.

vibration shiftCollective Consciousness and Planetary Alignment

I’m sharing my story because what was happening with me has also been mirrored in those clients coming to me for energetic and emotional work. (Great reinforcement for me, BTW!) Turns out, it’s all part of the plan.

If your emotions have been intense lately, if life seems more challenging, if your old baggage that you could have sworn you shipped out ages ago is resurfacing, then not to worry, all is well and going along as planned. There is a reason that everyone is experiencing these kinds of unconscious roadblocks now and it has to do the planetary alignment and its effects on energetic systems and the collective consciousness.

On December 21st, 2012 a major shift happened to the planet and to all of us on it (see the resource links below) these vibratory shifts, are conspiring to raise our collective consciousness. This is because a natural byproduct of this shift is that the energetic vibrations in and around us, rises to match what is happening to the planet (or terra firma) where we stand, as well.

This means that if you’re hanging on to old baggage (a.k.a., anything fear-based) it will not match the high vibrational fields that we are bathed in now and that you must let go of it (or be dragged). The law of the universe is simple: this new high vibration is staying, you can either hang on to your old stuff and be miserable feeling ill at ease and out of alignment (like a permanent state of grumpy), continue to get well-intended messages to get in alignment (by repeated accidents, injuries and such) or learn to let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy and inspiration, jettisoning them as a thing of the past.

This article on Shift of Age does a great job explaining the pole shift, and the age we’ve now entered, in greater detail. But there are many aspects of this shift coming together to affirm it from the scientific, astrological and spiritual communities, depending upon your perception. Below are some sites and information that I found interesting and not too complex, if you are unfamiliar and/or interested in learning more.

new dayTara’s Tips for Easing Into Good Vibrations

  1. Don’t sweat the changes outside of you, now more than ever we are creating from the inside out. Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. Have you noticed how quickly things manifest now? People with less baggage are bringing things in very quickly now.
  2. Even if things seem comfortable enough for you now, if they do not make you peaceful and/or joyful, it may be time to rethink the path.
  3. The new shift is about creativity, other people creating things for you isn’t cutting it anymore, have you noticed? Listen to what inspires you then do it! You will be supported.
  4. Are you letting go of baggage as it comes up? Don’t over-think it. If a thought or memory doesn’t feel good to you, it’s not yours and it’s not allowed in our new world, Sayonara sucker (in a loving tone of course).

Please ask for help if you feel out of alignment and can’t see why or what is going on —  you have helpers. I am offering free 15 min alignment assessments as well.




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