BodyQuirks Wellness and WBV Studio is co-owned by Esther Bell, LMT and Tara Krupich, LMT. We are located just minutes from downtown Portland in our beautiful, newly renovated office on NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

WBV Studio Portland
Total Body Solution for a totally new you!

The BodyQuirks Approach

We start with a safe, judgment-free environment in which to relax and bring your focus to attaining the best possible balance, for your whole self.

When you come in complaining of a sore neck, we don’t just see a crick in your neck that needs to be worked out, but rather, a whole system that needs to be cared for, nurtured and supported. Through the years, this tailored approach to care has led us to seek continued training in a variety of new modalities to better serve our clients.

Eventually, our search led us here, beyond massage to a fully integrated Total Body Solution that we believe will help your body look, feel, and perform better than ever before.


BodyQuirks Total Body Solution

The BodyQuirks Total Body Solution (TBS) is the result of the natural expansion of our tailored massage philosophy into the interrelated systems of the body that affect muscle and ligament function and physical health and mobility.

TBS combines customized bodywork, exercise (in the form of Whole Body Vibrational training), and detoxification (through the use of far infrared sauna) into one complete solution for a healthier YOU!

We now offer the following services:

Massage and Bodywork

Including Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Hot Stone and Thai massage, as well as more intensely rehabilitative bodywork modalities like Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral, AMMA, Trigger Point Therapy and more, all customized to your body’s unique “quirks.”

Whole Body Vibration Machines or WBV

For many of our clients dealing with injury, accident, decreased range of motion or limited mobility, we found that exercise was hard for them to get back into and a fully realized healing process without regular movement is quite a challenge for the body. We began as most massage therapists do, recommending small isolated exercises to our client, helping work their way back, slowly, to a better, more flexible state. But we were always searching for something more effective, easier on the joints and muscles, and that could help bridge that gap between dis-ease and ease of movement in the body. That’s when we discovered Whole Body Vibration Machines. We now have fourteen of these machines in varying intensities and styles of movement and provide one-on-one training in our new facility.

Far Infrared Sauna

Because we know that diet, stress, and environmental toxins can take a toll on your body and its ability to process, cope, and heal, we wanted to provide a way to assist our clients in optimizing their body’s own natural detoxification processes through the use of far infrared heat. As a result, we’ve added the use of the Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna to our list of offered services.


Our newest modality here at the studio, called Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields or Frequencies (PEMF), is a gentle means of charging your cells so your body has the energy it needs to heal itself from injury, inflammation, illness, or help the body rebound quickly from high intensity training.

The earths magnetic field (and its corresponding electro magnetic frequency or EMF) has been referred to as the 5th element of health because of its healing effect on the human body. But natural, energetic modalities are often overlooked by western medicine.

Here at BodyQuirks, we love energy medicine and have been implementing modalities such as acupressure, amma, cranial-sacral, energy work, sound therapy and others in our practice and personal life for decades. Energy medicine is a constant in our life because it just makes good sense to us on so many levels — which is why PEMF is a perfect fit for BQ’s Total Body Solution.

If you’d like to see what the Total Body Solution is all about, gives us a call today!


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