Snow Lotus Essential Oils

Fully Bioactive, Artisan-Quality Essential Oils Sourced Directly From Artisan Growers and Distillers

We love Snow Lotus essential oils because they are made locally, are high quality, and still affordable. Their oils are fully bioactive and artisan-quality- sourced directly from artisan growers and distillers. Many of their oils are blends to help calm the nervous system, balance hormones, and uplift and balance energy and emotionsT

The essential oil blends we carry, like Stress Release, Meditation, and Vir-Away, can all be applied directly on the skin and on points like the soles of the feet, wrists, and behind the neck. These blends can also be added to massage oils, bath soaks, and aromatherapy diffusers.

Another great thing about Snow Lotus essential oils, besides being potent and pure, is that they are ethically produced and support small family businesses across the globe with fair trade and eco-sustainable relationships. All of their essential oils, absolutes and blends are packaged in amber glass bottles with single-drop dispensing reducers. Each bottle is filled by ml calibrated volume.

Snow Lotus also make many other oils, in addition to what we carry. If you’re interested in purchasing something you don’t see on our shelves, let us know!

We currently have the following oils in stock:


Bergamont – 10 ml $18.00

Calm Mind – 10 ml $16.00 

Citrus Bliss – 10 ml $16.00

Clary Sage – 10 ml $19.00

Cypress – 10 ml $17.00

Geranium Rose – 10 ml $20.00

Head Ease – 6 ml Roll-on $12.00

Inner Balance – 10 ml $18.00

Lavender (Bulgaria) – 10 ml $15.00

Lemon – 10 ml $13.00

Lift Mind – 10 ml $19.00

Meditation – 10 ml $24.00

Rosemary – 10 ml $14.00

Stress Release– 10 ml $16.00

Vir-Away – 10 ml $16.00


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