Pivotal WBV machines

In Pivotal vibration machines, the platform you stand on tilts around a central pivot point like a see-saw. The left and right sides alternate up and down while the center remains fixed. You can increase the G-force (gravitational pull) by positioning your feet closer together or further apart. This type of machine is very gentle on your body and minimizes the vibration on your head.

The amplitude (distance traveled by the platform from end to end) varies from machine to machine, and it makes a big difference, not enough amplitude and you don’t get the benefits of WBV.

The frequency indicates how fast the platform moves. The best frequency interval for achieving fitness goals is 20-45Hz, studies showing that in this interval the muscles work the hardest and the body burns the highest amount of calories. However, as a beginner, you may prefer to start at lower frequencies and G-force values and work within the 10 G’s-16 G’s range. Trained athletes usually work at 20 G’s or so. If you want to use the platform for other purposes like balance and circulation you want to keep the frequency lower.6-10 Hz is a good range for massage and improved circulation, 10-14 Hz is good for upper body workouts, 14-20 Hz is a good frequency range for lower body and core workouts.

Both acceleration and frequency influence the amount of energy you burn during WBV workouts and the level of exertion involved,

At our studio, we sell 2 different Pivotal machines, both from the same company. After trying out all the available machines of comparable power we decided to stick with the best. Hypervibe has, by far, the best warranty and the most powerful machines to help you reach your goals.

Hypervibe G17

TheHypervibe 17 is a pivotal machine, with a higher intensity/G-Force at a lower amplitude (7mm). The lower amplitude makes it one of the least jarring machines, even while standing on the widest edges of the plate, although, the intensity alone makes it feels like a vertical machine! Just 20-minutes on the HyperVibe can create 33,000 muscle contractions! Performance WBV Machines are unique in that they can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of a gravitational load up to an intense 17G or 17x Earth’s gravity. This means your body can accomplish more in 1/3 the time while the machine is doing a lot of the work and accelerates your results!



• G-force range: 0.4-17.3

• Frequency range: 5-35Hz (adjustable in 1 Hz increments)

• Amplitude maximum: 7 mm

• Built-in library of 38 Guided Workouts and 100 exercises

• Live G-Force Readings at Low, Medium, & High Platform Markers

• Machine weight; 182.6 lbs

• Maximum user weight: 440 lbs

• Platform size: 21.06″ x 13.189″

• Machine size: 28.15″ x 32.25″ x 53.34″

Warranty: 2-years limited

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Hypervibe G15