Reduce Cellulite With Whole Body Vibration

Poor circulation and the accumulation of toxins inside the cells can lead to visible cellulite.

Cellulite. It’s annoying. Most people see it and want it to go away. Luckily, it isn’t a medical condition and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re overweight. That said, it can be a sign that your body may need a little TLC in the form of detoxing the system and/or exercise! Cellulite can happen when normal fat deposits press up against the skin. It puckers the skin which creates the appearance of cellulite. The good news is, if you have it, you can reduce its appearance and even get rid of it completely with some of the tools listed below.

One of the best things you can do for cellulite is to exercise, specifically with whole body vibration training (WBV). WBV can improve and also replace workouts in a fraction of the time. Numerous studies have shown that cellulite was improved with WBV because it causes muscle tissue to tighten in response to gravity. WBV has been used by NASA to help astronauts recover from space travel and the effects of 0 gravity for months at a time. WBV not only activates the muscles, strengthens them and contributes to better circulation and lymphatic drainage, it can help reshape the body and improve body composition by lowering the percentage of fat tissue and increasing the lean mass.

At BodyQuirks, we even have a WBV machine (Hypervibe) with a workout routine specifically for cellulite removal. Our office manager recently tried it and said she “immediately felt more toned in the buttocks and thighs than ever!!!” Furthermore, vibration training can help in regulating or stimulating the production of hormones, such as cortisol, known to favor the accumulation of fat and weight gain. “Depending on the parameters used when training, vibration exercises can also replace stretching, and this helps in smoothening the skin as well”, according to Hypervibe.

Another great tool for reducing cellulite is using a far-infrared sauna. Because toxins often get stored in fat and can lead to cellulite, getting toxins out of the body may reduce and prevent it. “Far Infrared heat directly targets the fatty tissues of the subcutaneous layer of our skin, which become water-soluble at approximately 100 F° and will dissolve and be purged from the body by sweat”.” according to the article, Infrared Sauna Cellulite Reduction.

A sauna will greatly speed up the process of clearing up visible cellulite. Rocky Mountain Saunas say that, “the Far Infrared sauna is far more effective than a conventional sauna because the infrared rays penetrate deeper, providing up to 10 times the level of heating to these tissues, increasing toxin removal from 3% to a whopping 15%.” Cellulite reduction may additionally be enhanced by massaging the affected areas during a far infrared sauna session.

If you have any questions or are interested in trying our WBV machines or booking a Far Infrared Sauna session, contact our studio @ (503) 233-9030 to make an appointment! First use of our WBV machines is free!

Change in cellulite reduced from 25-32% using whole body vibration or whole body vibration and cardio over a 6 month time frame.

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