How PEMF Can Help: Heart Rate Variability and Your Biological Age

Have you ever tried our PEMF unit? It’s an amazing tool for whole body healing on a cellular level, that is safe for people of all ages. If you’ve used it before, you may have been curious about the little device that clips on your finger. This device is a Heart Rate Variability monitor called the iMORE (Interactive Monitoring and Regulation System). It reads your heart rate variability or HRV (the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time between heartbeats).

It is well established that HRV is a measure of biological age/ how well you’re aging. Lower heart rate variability generally indicates an increased biological age, while higher heart rate variability is correlated with increased health and youthfulness.

Using this finger probe- the iMORE, sets up the computer and mat on auto-pilot. That way the healing frequencies can work to improve the health of your heart and central nervous system, and help with the overall homeostasis of your body without you having to extensively adjust settings. All you do is clip it on your index finger while setting the mat for 8-16 minutes. The iMORE reads and uses HRV as a bio-feedback loop to automatically adjust the intensity of frequencies used. That way the PEMF unit can adjust to what the user’s body needs. The European Journal of Physiology found that exposure to PEMF for 20 min resulted in more rapid recovery and increase of heart rate variability.

Research is showing that this technology is slowing down the aging process, in addition to helping HRV. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has also known to “have a positive effect on regenerating the optic nerve and regenerating nerves in general. Proper frequency and amplitude of PEMF ensure faster recovery from injuries, more effectively,” according to an article by Joanna Taylor, PEMF researcher. We’ve even written an entire blog on how PEMF helps slow down aging.

One of our clients recently fell walking her dog and was left with several fractures, a broken nose, and a good amount of pain. Not only did she feel relieved of almost all of her pain after using the PEMF mat, but her fractures healed quickly and she was able to get back to her routine and regular activities after a few weeks. Many of our clients report a considerable increase in energy after using the mat, even just after their first session, in addition to pain relief and a better nights rest.

We offer a free 8 minute session of our PEMF unit for first time users, discounted packages on full sessions, and discounted single sessions for monthly WBV members. If you haven’t tried this amazing healing tool and would like to or have questions about how it may help you, call us at (503) 233-9030.

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