Why We Created A Whole Body Vibration Studio

I’m sure many of you have heard our story about being massage therapists- seeing clients with the same issues over the years and eventually bringing in WBV technology to help mobilize and help wake up their bodies with a very gentle way to work out. From doing what we do as massage therapists, we’d notice the same patterns in our clients and how stressed they were- even our more grounded clients, and how that affected the body.

WBV Studio PortlandWe created BodyQuirks for many reasons; not only to help our existing clients, but also because we wanted to create a movement based studio that was different from other studios. Over the years, we’ve noticed how most gyms were created with an ableist mindset and that you had to be healthy enough to work out first. But how do you work out if you’re injured or feel tired or a lack of balance from a condition like MS or Parkinson’s? And how do you exercise when most forms of exercise are high impact and hard on the body?

We’ve found that Whole Body Vibration as a means of exercise is low impact and safe enough for our clients dealing with a host of issues, even if they couldn’t exercise in the past. The mindset of our studio is that of acceptance. We meet you where you’re at, if you are unstable on your feet, you can sit and just place your feet on the machines. You don’t even have to change into workout clothes and you have the option of taking off your shoes when working out at our studio.

We don’t believe in “no pain, no gain” to get results, but rather that less is more and we encourage all our clients to listen to their body. All you need is 20 minutes on our machines, which is a fraction of what people spend at the gym. Using WBV also has a host of other benefits like elevated mood, improved bone density, and decreased stress hormones, without the stress, impact or pain.

We are also always available to help you find the formula that works for you, and to help you move to the next level in your health goals. We don’t just show you how to use the machines and leave you to find your way.

If you are just discovering this as a tool for healing, we welcome you to come visit our studio for a free demo. Our demos are by appointment only! Call us @ (503) 233-9030 to book yours so we can make sure we have the time to spend with you and show you how this technology can improve your well being!!

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